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Best Love Valentine Messages for You

Best Love Valentine Messages are the sweet love valentine messages for everyone should be noted on this very speical day. This message can be sent to your valentine with the best life wishes as love quotes on valentine day.

As we know Valentine is the 14th Feb day for every lover. The valentine day is celebrated among the love valentine. we have collected best love valentine messages for very boyfriend, every girlfriend. so, for this day love valentine’s day quotes and messages are needed to send each other to make love life happier.

Best Love Valentine Messages for You
Best Love Valentine Messages for You

For those valentines, here are the Free Valentine Messages for friendship, Valentine messages for girlfriend, Valentine messages for friend, Valentine messages for boyfriend listed for you. Hope you will like them

Enjoy the love valentine messages !!

Best Love Valentine Messages

Every tear is a sign of brokenness,
Every silence is a sign of loneliness,
Every smile is a sign of kindness,
Every SMS is a sign of remembrance.


I love thee..its all that i can is my vision in the night.. my dreaming in the day.. the very echo of my heart..the blessing when i pray .i to love thee I love thee its all that i can say.


To walk is easy but 2 walk alone is tough,
Being missed by someone is nice but missing someone is painful,
Being loved is secure but to love is insecure


These are some of the romantic countries in the world,
Holland: hope our love lasts & never dies,
Italy: i trust & love u,
Libya: love is beautiful & u also,
France: friendship remains & never comes to an end.


I want ur sweet smile
I want to smell ur sweats
I want to breathe ur feels
I want to hear ur sweet name always
I want to hold u in my arms
to make u mine
I want u inside my heart
that’s where I feel u will be safe..
be mine always
and u shud be mine

Free Valentine Messages for friendship and Jobs


Love under the stars… they seem very far, but you are so close the star I love the most.


Don’t find someone who could simply sing your music or someone who could paint colors in your life, but find someone who can’t dance but is willing to dance with you even without music.


Never think more bout past it brings tears. don’t think more bout the future it brings fears. think more bout me which brings cheers


..when they told me u past I started to laugh because I know you wouldn’t leave me without telling me or taking me with ya so0o 4 ever and ever i will always lo0ve you so0o never forget about the ones who die


Your absence should be long enough so that somebody misses u, it shouldn’t be so long that somebody finds out that how well he can do without u…!


When I open my eyes to see the sun rise I think of you.
When I hear a robin sing on the first day of spring
I think of you.
When I see a red rose on the bush where it grows I think of you.
When I feel the summer heat on the sand beneath my feet
I think of you
When I sit on a beach another world just out of reach
I think of you
When I see the colored leaves fall to the ground from a light breeze I think of you.
When I’m old and near death and I draw my last breath
I’ll think of you.


Do u have any idea how special u r 2 me?
Well let me put it this way…2gether v can pull through anything. Id go out on a limb for u n I knew u would do the same for me. When v r 2gether time flies. Life’s a picnic when v r 2gether.
How special r u to me? U r worth your weight in gold!


The World is Round We’ll meet again. When we meet I’ll ask You “How are You” Hope You’ll not ask “Who are You’!

I wish I could be a dove to bring you peace,a cupid to bring you love,an angel to bring you a miracle but am just a friend and hope that it brings you…


Milk chocolate is 4 Kidz, Dark chocolate is 4 lovers cuz it has a higher percentage of Cocoa, which meanz it haz More PHYNYTHELAMINE a chemical that mimics the feeling U hav wen U’r in Luv!


More love valentine messages

we are family,
you and I are family,
me and you are family,
no matter what the difference is
family we are, forever
because we are here, and here is earth
and earth is our home
so here, we will live,
we are family.


Rivers Can Dry
Mountains Can Fly
You can Forget Me
But never Can I…


You asked for surrender, I gave you diliverence.
You demanded adoration, I gave you gratification.
You begged for absolution, I gave you silence


Love is heat
but is very sweet
when four lips meet
Love is complete


I was afraid of love, I thought love took time, like a fine wine aging in the cellar. I was wrong. Love is there from the moment you see that person, embrace it let it grow, follow your heart, not your mind..


Girl when u hold me.
how u control me
& then u bend me & u fold me
that’s the way you treat me
It must be easy for you
loves the things you do.
But I am just a pastime for you
I could be another…
when I never know a girl
or if I stare a girl
because of the game that you play,
keeps drop me the way.
Don’t love me for a fun girl
Love someone forms ur heart
Let it be the one, girl
Love me for a reason
let the reason be love


If love is sweet why does it hurt,
If love is deep why does it burn,
If love is warm why do we shiver,
If love is tender why do we cry,
If love is forever why do we die.


If Love & Friendship could be brought or sold as if they were Stocks & Shares. those wise enough to invest in you SEXY would all be millionaires!!!


When I’m walking wit u I never wanna stop, when I’m looking at u i neva wanna close my eyes, when I kiss u I neva wanna breathe n when I hold u in my arms I wish d clock stop ticking. i love u and will always do.


Can I keep you?
Lives are for living I live for you
Dreams are for dreaming I dream for you
Hearts are for beating mine beats for you
Angels are for keeping. Can I keep you?


love is strange
Love is a strange thing. It is a flower, so delicate
that touch will break it
& so strong that nothing will stop its growth.
think how often we miss love in a lifetime by a wrong gesture..
by an unspoken word.. by not keeping silent at the right time..
we lose it by the interference of other people,
by a lack of money and communication,
by a quarrel over something stupid and yet..
we cannot live without it..


You never knew
I love you so much
I can’t even explain
You are my love and forever friend,
There is nothing I could want
More than you.
You are so special
In your own unique way.
There is nothing I could trade you for,
because I love you too much,
To just pass you by
And say my last goodbyes.


the hardest thing about love
The hardest thing about dreaming about someone you love
is to wake up
but if the only place I could see you was in my dreams
I would sleep forever


I Love You”
Want to know why?
Because you are my air,
Without you there would be no me!
“I Love You”
Want to know when?
Now and 1000 years after
I’m gone!
“I Love You”
Want to know where?
Here, there, everywhere,
Even if I’m not there
I will love you!

So these love messages on valentine day are special to every special one. Send Love valentine messages to your loved one on this special day. Don’t miss it !! Cheers !


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