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Benefits and Secrets of jQuery Loading from Google

jQuery Loading from Google has lots of benefits. if You want to know about the Benefits and Secrets of jQuery let’s discuss this post. jQuery is the most widely used JavaScript framework for the website.

Almost 75% of all websites use jQuery Worldwide. There are lots of other JavaScript frameworks out there, but jQuery seems to be the most popular, and also the most extendable.

Benefits and Secrets of jQuery Loading from Google
Secrets of jQuery Loading

What are jQuery and Google jQuery?

jQuery is simply nothing it’s just the javascript code frameworks that can be called in your website easily. Simply it can be said as  “JavaScript Library”.

jQuery makes the programmer so much easier to use javascript on the website.
This javascript framework makes it easy to use javascript on your website. The top website like Google, MSN, Netflix is using jQuery.

These scripts of the library are used for the evolution of dynamic web pages and web applications by featuring excellent constituents with it such as navigation of documents, creating animations, handling and monitoring events, and AJAX Applications.

Different methods of loading are used to make a good jQuery website. These jQuery frameworks are stored on the server where it is hosted. Secrets of jQuery Loading from Google should be known and easy to work with. 

In the same way, the world’s number one Google jQuery libraries can be used freely making the site more efficient and dynamic. These frameworks can be loaded from the Google API server Libraries. This way of loading jQuery from google is the easiest and best way.

So, let’s discuss how it can be loaded and the advantages of loading jQuery from the Google API

What is loading jQuery from Google API?

Before knowing the way to load the Google API, Let’s see how to load it using some simple codes. You can use the following codes of script line in the HEAD section of your webpage to load jQuery from Google:
 <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The above script will load the Google API. jQuery keeps on developing and changing regularly. You can also change the version number depending upon which version is required for your website.

The best practice of recommendation is that you don’t use an automatic latest version of jQuery on your website.  But sometimes the plugins you used in your website may require a specific version. So, it is better to use jQuery of a specific version number as per need.

Now let’s see about the major advantages of loading jQuery from Google’s server to your website and know the Secrets of jQuery Loading from Google.

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Benefits and Secrets of jQuery Loading from Google 

  1. No so much coding difficult. it’s easy to use with simple skills.
  2. Google API servers are distributed worldwide.  They form a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and deliver content much faster to the client browser by downloading the files from the closes server nearby.
  3. You can use jQuery download free from Google. If your host is charging for the data transfer (i.e. bandwidth) on your website. This will save you money.
  4. On busy websites or blogs, the client browser can load jQuery from Google. This saves one connection to your own server can save huge loading of the site. This can save time and bandwidth as well.
  5. Once jQuery is loaded if multiple queries are to be loaded the previously loaded jQuery cache will work on the browser. No need to load again
  6. There is a huge library of jQuery in the Google API library
  7. Doesn’t’ hamper the speed of your website as the size of code or file is very less.
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