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How to Setup Bellsouth Email Setting in Outlook?

Bellsouth Email Setting is needed for those using this email in outlook.  Bellsouth email service provider is quite famous in the United States and hence a lot of their customers are around those regions.

Users must follow the instructions given below while setting up their Outlook settings. Here we give you the details way for the Bellsouth email setting. after you have set up this email setting, it can be used smoothly in outlook as email Email Marketing Ideas too.

Those who know about the procedures to Set Up Bellsouth email in Outlook will find it really easy to access it. If you are someone who finds it difficult, we will guide you to set it up in such a way that you might find it easy to do all the setup in your Bellsouth email on the Outlook app.

How to Setup Bellsouth Email Setting in Outlook
Setup Bellsouth Email Setting in Outlook

All you need to do is read this completely and follow the instructions given below to set your email on your email client.

How to Set up a BellSouth Email setting in Outlook?

Follow the step-by-step instructions given below without skipping any of the steps to set it successfully.

Step 1: Launch Outlook email

First, users will have to launch the Outlook email client app on their devices. Open outlook app

Step 2:  Go to the tools option

This will now open your Outlook app, then you will have to go to the left side of the screen and tap on the File tab. In case if you are using the older version of the Outlook app, then users will have to click on the tools option.

Step 3: Go to Account setting

Click on the info option on the screen and then select the account settings option.

Step 4: Set the Bellsouth email setting

Then locate the account settings option and then tap on the tab called ‘e-mail’. Bellsouth email settings have to be set by us in the following methods.

Step 5: Click New Option

After that from the email tab, users will have to click on the option ‘new’. The wizard box will appear

Step 6: Provide all the information in the wizard box

Now a wizard box will appear on your screen in which you will have to add all the information that is asked in that box.

Step 7: Manually configure settings

First, make sure that you check on the box that says ‘manually configure server settings or additional server types’. After that continue by clicking on the next button which will take you to the service page.

Step 8: Click on internet mail settings

As you are on the service page, you will have to check on any of the options available below. In this you will need to click on the internet e-mail settings and then continue again by hitting on the next option.

Step 9: Add email information

Now you will be on the internet e-mail settings page where you will have to add the information asked. Add the username and the email address of the BellSouth email in the user information space.

Step 10: Give IMAP and information

Then in the server information, select IMAP and then add the information given below. In the incoming mail server, type ‘’ and the outgoing mail server must be

Step 11: Provide  your Bellsouth email account details

After that in the login information, enter the username and email address of your BellSouth email account. Provide the correct email detail here.

Step 12: Go More setting

To continue further for Setup Bellsouth Email Setting in Outlook, the users will have to check the lower-right side of the page and click on more settings.

Step 13: Go to the outgoing server tab

This will now take you to another page where users will have to click on the outgoing server tab. Now check the ‘my outgoing server requires authentication and select ‘use the same settings as my incoming mail server’.

Step 14: set Incoming server

Then you will have to click on the advanced tab and select the incoming mail server (IMAP) as 993, (POP3) as 995, and outgoing mail server as 465 for both.

Step 15: Select SSL

In the encrypted connection select ‘SSL’ and tick on the option that says ‘leave a copy of messages on the server’.

Step 16: Final to set account

Finally, you will have to click ok and click on the next option to set your account successfully.


These are the detailed steps you should follow to set Bellsouth email setting. After that, you can use the email smoothly.  To get recovery solutions, users will have to visit the website Datarecovo. This will help you to give a solution to your corrupted file or data.



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