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Be safe and what to do during the earthquake

These are the steps for keeping self oneself and the friends and family during the earthquakes happen

1. Stay calm, but move fast.

Earthquakes can be scary, and it’s okay to be scared, but don’t panic

2. Be attentive and Take cover.

Falling objects are one of the primary dangers during a major earthquake, so find a desk or a table and get under it quickly!

3. Turn off probable fire generating equipments like  gas 

Fire is another major hazard during an earthquake. Gas stoves are quite common  turn off these equipments like  the gas valve after each use, you don’t need rush and do it during an earthquake. But make sure it’s off.

4. If you’re inside stay inside.

there are lots of story that the people died due to went outside… he was killed by a falling object. This sad part was that there were few casualties during the quake.

5. If you’re outside, take cover.

Find a something to cover yourself. If there is nothing. DROP (get down) and COVER (your head and neck). and HOLD ON(go to safe place

6. If you’re driving, stay in your car, it will serve as your cover.

Try to pull over to a safe area. Stay away from bridges and overpasses, as they can collapse during a quake.

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