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Baby shower traditions around the world

The baby shower is one tradition that celebrates motherhood when a child is born, and the mother’s life is fully transformed. She enters into a new phase of life where she is no longer independent; life is dependent on her; she is responsible for nurturing and nourishing this new life. She becomes the support, guide, and nurturer of her child. She becomes a mother.

A baby shower is a tradition that is celebrated with a luxurious and magnificent dinner in many countries. It is marked by extravagance and royalty. You can always find the expectant mothers being blessed and showered upon with love and good fortune on the baby shower.

Here are a few traditions that are followed around the world and mark the arrival of the new member of the family. Every country has its own culture and way to celebrate this new delight and happiness. You, too, can incorporate one of such traditions in your baby shower and make it unique and memorable.

Baby shower traditions
Baby shower traditions

Hindu God Bharai

Hindu God Bharai is an Indian festival celebrated with lots of laughter. This celebration is organised for the mums-to-be to shower blessings and good wishes upon the mothers and the unborn baby.

God bharai literally means filling the lab. This tradition is marked with singing, dancing and enjoying with friends and family members. Welcoming the new child to your world is all about spreading optimism and dazzle all around.

Hindu god bharai is a woman-only celebration where the mum-to-be is adorned with jewellery, and her lap is filled with sweets, gifts and fruits. This grand festival is also a way to keep the devil eye at a distance and wish happy parenthood to the new mom.

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Afghani six-night

The Afghani parents celebrate the sixth night of the child’s birth. In Afghan culture, the people celebrate the coming of the new child in the family with a grand celebration. They organise for a celebration on the sixth night after the child’s birth and celebrate this with a lavish dinner with friends and family.


They exchange gifts, and since this child has already entered this world, he receives lots of love and laughter from his near and dear ones. The new mum and the child are blessed with good wishes and presents, and optimism is unleashed all-around.


Dominican first evening

The first evening is a surprise celebration for the expectant parents. This is a way to welcome a new member to the family. The friends and family of the expectant parents plan for a lavish get-together that marks this new delight in life.

They throw a grand party marked with the exchange of gifts and wishes. The expectant parents are enthralled with a series of games before the gift opening ceremony.


French first birthday party

The French usually celebrate the welcoming of the new child on the first birthday itself. No such celebration is held before the child is born. The actual baby shower is the first birthday of the child itself.

This is marked by a birthday bash where guests get together to bless the child with a prosperous life ahead. Exchange gifts and celebrate the arrival of the new member with a hearty cake cutting ceremony.


Chinese full moon celebration

Have you ever got a chance to attend the Chinese full moon celebration? It is commemorated with an exchange of good wishes in the form of money in red envelopes. The red envelope is a symbol  of good fortune and good luck blessing the new mother and child with a delightful journey.

This is a tradition that is followed after the birth of the baby. Celebrating the baby’s birth before the baby is born is considered unlucky. The Chinese celebrate the welcome coming of a new baby in the family by throwing a banquet dinner. So the thrill is manifested in a royal dinner with friends and family after the baby is born.

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