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Are leads on your site not converting? Here’s Why

No article on the entire internet will guide you on how you can drive views to your website and generate leads. You can optimize the content on your website well enough for the best user experience, or you can invest in paid advertisements such as Google ads, digital marketing, and Facebook ads.

Well, just for the sake of general tips and strategies on how you can optimize your website for lead generation and lead conversion into sales. We’ll stick to effective and costless methods that will help get on the trail.

In this article, we will be looking over all the strategies that will help you boost your lead conversion by a lot.

Without wasting any time, Let’s dive in!


1 | You did not build an Impression

Now, why is building an impression so important? 

The answer is that it develops a positive image for you at the visitor end. If your website is disorganized with web pages and lacks a lot of front-end and back-end improvements, then this is where you should be starting.

“You will never find a second opportunity for your first impression.”

Keep your site organized for the visitors, write a brief intro about your firm or agency, optimize your website for the best user experience possible. 

Build the best User Interface that the user will use to navigate through your website.

Not only does that encourage the visitor to explore more on your site, but it will play an important role in lead conversion and will also help your website rank higher on google.


How can you rank higher on Google just by Optimizing UI/UX?

Google always tries to give its users exactly what they want.

Google tracks the traffic navigating through their search engine, and not only does that it will track views and clicks, but it will also track the time spent per user on a site. The website with the highest engagement rate is most likely to be ranked on the first page of Google on specific keywords.


2 | You did not prove yourself

Now, you may be wondering, what does proving yourself mean?

Proving yourself directs to the milestones you have acquired and your trustworthiness. 

If you offer an e-commerce website where online purchases and transactions are necessary, you can demonstrate the security with encryption and trust icons on your website. 

This enhances the experience of the visitor and overall develops an excellent image of the services you are providing at the client-side.


3 | You are not listening to the client

Many online businesses are using the old mindset of marketing and getting sales out of it. But today, things have changed. if you don’t listen to the customers and be the solution to their problems, they’ll go elsewhere.

Do utilize the customer feedback and use it to further improve your services.

Not sure what to ask your customer? Take a look at this article which will guide you through some great questions to help improve your customer experience.


4 | You are not clear about your value

Can you promise the delivery of a value to your website visitor, is it clearly stated with a guarantee that they will receive exactly what they have been shown?

The biggest pain your targeted audience is experiencing, and how can you be a solution to their problems. If you are not clear about this, you are letting an opportunity go.

“Be a solution to your visitor, not a question.”

Try and create the most unique selling proposition for your visitors like web design Atlanta. This will not only result in a higher lead conversion rate but might also result in returning customers, which proves your authenticity and success.


5 | You are not answering their Objections

Having a proper section for FAQs set up on your site will not only answer the visitor’s questions but will save your and the client’s time. If a visitor does not find the answer for their solutions, they are most likely to abandon your site and go elsewhere, this is why the implementation of FAQs is important.

Protip: Setting up a quick live chat with the visitor will be twice as effective in setting up a proper section for FAQs. Take a look at this article to see how to implement it on your website.


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