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Myths about Animal Control in Vancouver

In Vancouver, animals can create problems for homeowners. People do not only have to deal with squirrels and raccoons in the city. Different wildlife animals can create problems for the residents of Vancouver.For this reason, they consult pest control companies who are experts at animal control in Vancouver.

Myths about Animal Control in Vancouver
Myths about Animal Control in Vancouver

However, some people have misconceptions about animal control. Here are the myths Vancouver residents have about animal control:

#1. Animal Control Is about Lost Cats and Dogs:

It is not only about stray cats and dogs. Instead, it is about all animals you may see in an animal shelter. Animal control experts take very good care of animals, whether their shelter is private or government-owned.

Visiting an animal shelter will convince you that animal control experts care for most animals; goats, birds, hamsters, horses, etc.

#2. Animals in Shelters Have Only Behavioural Issues:

 Animals in shelters do not only have behavior problems. Sometimes, owners have a rough time with an animal. For instance, the owner has to leave home forcefully.

More often than not, a pest in animal shelters behave well and love their owners. The owners take good care of them to help them survive and find their new home. Owners do not want to leave their animals because of accidents or starving.

#3. Squirrels Prefer to Live in the Forest:

Squirrels are territorial animals. Squirrels only like places where they feel safe. You may think forests near them serve as a good spot to build a shelter. However, the case is not always this.

Squirrels will build their homes where they have access to food and the resource for shelter. For the same reason, squirrels infest homes in Vancouver; consequently, people have to consult animal control experts.

 #4. Animals Are Unsafe with Adoption:

Love and money are two different things. For this reason, homeowners welcome stray cats and dogs wandering in their yards in Vancouver. When there is a free adoption day, people like adopting their desired pets and welcome them into their homes.

 #5. Trapping Raccoons in a Chimney Is Your Right:

If you find a raccoon in your chimney, you should not trap it. The chances are that it is a mother and will have babies nearby. The right thing to do to take care of such a situation is to consult animal control experts.

These are five common myths that some people in Vancouver have about different animals. Here is a summary of those five misconceptions:

  1. Animal control is only about stray cats and dogs, not other animals.
  2. Plus, animals in a shelter means they do not behave normally.
  3. Squirrels in Vancouver only prefer to live in the forest and not territories.
  4. Animals are never safe if someone adopts them from an animal shelter.
  5. Trapping raccoons in a chimney is your right if you see one on your property.

The reality is different from what some people have in Vancouver about animals, and experts can confirm it. Consulting experts at animal control in Vancouver is the right thing to do for animal removal from a property.

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