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11 Best Android 11 Features & Advantages That You Should Know

Android 11 Features have more advantages.  Android 11, which Google released in September 2020, is getting updated with a more privacy focus, such as tighter app permissions and significantly improved notification controls.

If usually the power button only functions to turn off and turn on the cellphone, now it has various functions. Many other additions make the experience of using an Android smartphone even more enjoyable. More overTop Android Emulators have advantages.

This version of Android has reached a wide range of devices and brands of mobile phones. Starting from the Google Pixel itself, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo to Xiaomi. So, what makes this android 11 features operating system reliable?

Android Features and Advantages That You Should Know
11 Best Android Features and Advantages That You Should Know

Android 11 Features and Advantages

Here are some excellent features that make it have advantages over previous operating systems and of course you can maximize:

1. Multifunction “Power” Button

The latest feature that looks quite striking is the power button which has more functions. If usually the power button only works to turn on, turn off, and restart the phone.

Now, there are debit card features, Google Pay Credit, and various buttons for smart home devices.

Turning off the lights, turning on the TV, and closing the door can now be done with one click on Android 1 based devices. However, it should be noted that these home appliances also support this feature.

Google doesn’t require phone manufacturers to implement this feature, so you’ll only see advanced power features on certain handsets, like the Google Pixel phones.

2. Dynamic Media Control

Media control is included in the latest Android 11 update, this feature makes it very easy for users to listen to songs without opening the application.

If the media player controls are usually in the notification section, now the latest Android 11 feature moves the media player under the Quick Settings panel.

Scroll down from the top of the screen to view the media player and scroll again to view it in full size.

In addition, Android 11 users can manage YouTube video playback and set the speakers to be used in song playback.

3. Built-in Screen Recorder

The good news, Google has finally added a built-in screen recorder feature for smartphones!

At first, screen recording could only be done by installing additional applications, now it can be done on Android 11 based phones.

To find this feature, scroll down and find the screen recording feature. Screen recording made easy with one click. Don’t doubt the picture and audio quality because the results are clear and good.

Apart from screen recording, you can also record sound and various screen touches.

4. Much Better Notification Control

Usually a lot of notifications and quite messy usually make us lazy to read them. Who would have thought, this notification control Android 11 is much better and makes mobile users feel comfortable?

Android 11 can manage all conversations from text messages and chat apps that appear in their respective sections and separate from their notifications.

You can allow conversations to appear normally, set them to be the top priority to make those contact notifications “silent.”

In this Andriod 11 feature, you can get where it will mute the notification sound and make it appear at the bottom of the list.

5. Notification History

Sometimes we accidentally delete all notifications or notifications that appear on our cellphones because we feel they have read them or are not important. However, who knows you missed important information, but it’s been lost in notifications.

Android 11 brings a notification history feature that lets you see all the notifications you deleted in the last 24 hours.

This advanced feature is very much needed by everyone, including those of you who have a pretty solid daily schedule.

6. Pin Favorite Apps on Share Page

Looking for applications that you open often by scrolling the menu all the time may make you tired when opening your phone. Now on Android 11, the shared page will be easier to use.

You can pin your favorite apps to the share section. The pinned app will be below the contact to be shared. How to pin it is quite easy, tap and hold the application and select to pin the application. Check out more about android secret codes here!

7. Save Battery with Dark Mode

Thanks to Android 10, you can manually activate the dark theme or dark mode to save battery life and reduce stress on your eyes at night and in the morning for some time.

On Android 11, the dark mode can be scheduled by using the settings to turn it on and off at sunrise/sunset or schedule it for a specific time of day.

You don’t have to worry about glare, especially minus the eyes that will increase.

8. Stricter App Permissions

App permissions have become stricter in Android 11 as one of the best features you will love. Now you can grant temporary permissions only while the app is open.

Once the app is closed, the app permissions are revoked. However, there’s no need to worry about this being complicated because you can also grant the app permission permanently.

To enable the latest app permissions, you can click and hold on the app icon, select App Info (“i”), and click “Permissions.” Then select “Remove Permissions if App isn’t used.”

9. More Advanced Voice Access

Voice Access is included in Android’s accessibility features, this feature allows you to control your phone only through voice commands. The Android 11 operating system will understand what its users are saying.

Regarding these android 11 features, Say the name of the application and the command you want, the system will automatically open the application according to the instructions. Now, opening applications is easier and more sophisticated without the need for a long time.

10. App Suggestions (Google Pixel Only)

App suggestions or apps suggestions fill the slots at the bottom of the home screen with apps that you use frequently. This feature will make it easier for you to open frequently opened applications without having to open the menu.

If you want to disable random apps that you open frequently, click and hold on an empty space on the home screen and select “Home Settings,” then tap “Suggestions” and change options.

11. Notifications Bubbles feature Fitur

If you usually open chat, you can only do it when you open the application and the notification feature on the screen. Now, the notification bubbles feature is here to make it easier for you to open conversations with relatives and family.

Each chat from the application can be minimized to the shape of a small ball that can be moved anywhere on the screen.

The bubble will have a symbol if the chat has been replied to. At first, this feature was only available in the Messenger app but is now available in Android 11 Features.

Well, those are the superior features of Android 11, from the power button which has many functions to better security.

Notification control and notifications are also getting more sophisticated, you don’t need to be afraid of losing deleted notifications.



The above Android 11 features have lots of benefits and advantages in the mobile tech world. It gives the user with high experience and makes life easy to go ahead.  You can enjoy the advantages of this android 11 software !



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