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Amazing Physical and Mental Yoga Benefits & Yin Yoga

Should be amazing to know the  Physical and Mental Yoga Benefits if you are really on the yoga habits.  Yoga has benefits over physical and mental health benefits for all ages of people.  Every time you are ill then you can be benefits physically and mentally.  Yoga can heal the different processes of the body.

What is Yoga?

“Yoga is simply the restraint of the mind which is a restless mind. As the Maharshi Byas says”yoga means samadhi or realization of self.

In short, yoga means to practice samadhi with restraint and enjoy samadhi by combining the soul with yoga. According to Jainacharya, the means by which the soul attains perfection and salvation is yoga.

What is yin yoga benefits?

Yin yoga benefits are the advantages of yin yoga. It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that is a slow, soothing, and meditative style of yoga that is being targeted to the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body for their proper health. This can be said yoga for health also. It majorly focuses on the art of stretching and stimulating different acupressure points and activating them.


The scientific Reasons to do Yoga

In today’s scientific world, yoga has more benefits. There are several good reasons to do yoga. Scientifically proven benefits of yoga are as follows

  • Yoga provides adequate oxygen to the whole body.
  • Yoga makes blood vessels healthy and flexible.
  • Yoga makes the nerves of the body flexible.
  • Yoga improves the body’s metabolic balance.
  • Yoga balances the body’s hormones, enzymes.
  • Yoga also practices the internal organs of the body.
  • Yoga flushes out feces, toxins from the body.

Benefits of Yoga

Generally, there are lots of benefits for us. Those who do regular yoga get lots of benefits and it has a good health impact on us. Lots of people are doing yoga and getting health benefits. Simply the benefits can be categorized as

  • Physical Yoga Benefits
  • Mental yoga Benefits
Amazing Physical and Mental Yoga Benefits Yin Yoga
Amazing Physical and Mental Yoga Benefits Yin Yoga

Both of the benefits of yoga are mainly focused on the health benefits of yoga. They are summarized and discussed as follows. Surely they will help you to get benefitted.

Physical Yoga benefits

Yoga medicine as physical is good benefits.  The relaxation techniques in yoga are easy for chronic pain especially for lower back pain upper back pain, neck pain arthritis, headaches, and so on as explained by yoga teacher(yog guru)  Bal Mukunda Suwal. He adds up and says that “Yoga helps in lowering the blood pressure and reduce insomnia as well”. Here we pointed the major 18 Physical health benefits of yoga.

18 Physical Health benefits of Yoga.

These are collected 18 physical health benefits of yoga you should know. These benefits are really useful and worth a lot.

  1. increased flexibility of your body
  2. muscle strength and tone and make you more live
  3. improved respiration process and keep balance other health
  4. maintaining a balanced metabolism of your body
  5. helps in weight reduction
  6. Prevents cartilage and the joint breakdown and make good joint health
  7. improves your heart and blood system
  8. improved athletic performance for the athletes
  9. give protection from injury as yoga makes you strong in muscle and bone
  10.  Give strength to your bone
  11. Relief from back pain and joint pain
  12.  relaxes you and help you sleep better
  13. enhance energy and brighter moods
  14.  helps you manage the stress of your work
  15. Protects your spine and relieve back pain especially low back pain
  16. Activates the immune system and boost immunity
  17. Helps to release tension over your limbs and help to make them healthy to do the works
  18. Make your digestive system active and thus helps to gain good digestion of your food.

Mental Yoga benefits

Besides the physical benefits, the next best benefit of yoga is that it helps mentally too. It helps to manage stress, mental health making good effects on the body and mind. These are the major mental advantages of yoga you should know.

15 Mental Benefits of Yoga

  1. Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness
  2. increases body awareness;
  3. relieves chronic stress patterns;
  4. relaxes the mind; centers attention
  5. happens concentration
  6. Relieves from stress and anxiety (5 Ways to know : How to Relieve Stress )
  7. Makes you Happier by making you in a good mood.
  8. Helps you to focus on the things you are engaged with.
  9.  regular yoga practice improves memory, and even increase your IQ scores.
  10. Give your peace in mind
  11. Increase confidence
  12. Increase one self-esteem
  13. Relief from psychological pain
  14. Gives you inner strength
  15. Improves Your quality of life



To conclude, yoga is the art of healing for physical and mental health as yoga benefits.



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