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6 Best and Affordable Diwali Gift Ideas 2021

Diwali gifts are chosen to make the good relationship and exchange emotions among the family which is given during the Diwali festival. Some Diwali gift ideas at affordable can be selected

We wait for months and months for the brightest time of the year Diwali, Diwali is accompanied by lots of guests so, it becomes our priority to think of buying gifts. Buying a gift sounds complicated, We try to look for gifts that are useful even if we find one it doesn’t meet our expectations or is not worth the price.

Best and Affordable Diwali Gift Ideas for
Best and Affordable Diwali Gift Ideas for

A gift is not only packaging of feelings, love, and respect, it also holds the power to bust anxiety. Therefore giving gifts that are useful and fulfill the needs of the receiver following the situation becomes necessary. Diwali gifting ideas that will help you find your perfect choice are given below.

6 Best Diwali Gift Ideas


These are the Diwali gift ideas that are best to give in Diwali are:

  1. Diyas

Diyas are Indian lamps that are being used since ancient times. These Indian lamps are made from clay and are decorated by coloring the outer part. Diya consist of batti (cotton wicks) dipped in ghee or oil. Demand for Diyas is high at the time of Diwali.

Diyas are sold at a very cheap price and are available online and offline. Giving perfect shape to diyas need a lot of effort. Buying potter-made Diya helps the potters to earn a living out of it. The traditional culture of lighting diyas holds great significance. Diyas are light to pray for positivity and purify the surrounding atmosphere.

Nowadays you can find the electric diyas with Diwali songs inbuilt and is being famous for gifting purposes.

  1. Kandils

Kandils is also known as aksha Deepa are Indian lanterns that are tied at doorstep and balconies. The kandils are works of art kandils are made using a wooden framework covered with colorful glossy papers.

Glossy papers not only make the kandil brighter but also gives them an eye-catching look. Kandils are of star, globe, crystal, and hexagon shapes. Kandils are one of the best Diwali gifts. They are sold at the time of Diwali and are available both online and offline .Kandils come in a variety of colours and are easily available.

  1. Electronic Mobile accessories

Nowadays, Electronic items or accessories like mobiles, laptops, etc have become a necessity to humans. On Diwali buying new products is considered a good omen.

Mobile accessories are highly desirable and demanded over the year and the price of these devices is slightly low at the time of Diwali (due to various offers and sales). This gives a green signal to gift or buy electronic items like Mobile Phones, laptops, etc.

These accessories are very useful and would make a great choice as a gift. Accessories like mobiles, laptops, etc are not only useful but also provide knowledge that will help the receiver grow which are now a days regarded as best Diwali gifts.

  1. Plants

Plants play a key role in the working of the ecosystem. Plants purify the air and release O2(oxygen). People often gift plants of different types, gifting of plants signifies that you wish the receiver to grow and be healthy in the near future. Plants can be given in the form of gift hampers.

These gift hampers contain various types of plants and plant-based products. The packaging of Gift hampers makes them look more splendid. Thus, Plants are the perfect choice to choose to gift someone.

  1. Traditional Clothes

Traditional clothes are the work of embroidery and are available in a variety of patterns, designs, colours, etc. However, these clothes have been replaced by Western clothing (modernist)and are only used occasionally. Traditional clothes are made of 100% Cotton. Traditional clothes can be an idea for giving  Diwali gifts to your loved ones.

By gifting traditional clothes, it will glorify the ancestral tradition that has been forgotten and replaced. Online shopping platforms have made buying and selling of clothes easy and widely deliverable.

Therefore buying traditional clothes is no big deal it is easily accessible and can be delivered at any location as per your command. Traditional clothes are the best choice to make someone remember our ancestral tradition.

  1. Sweets

Sweets signify love and celebration and are made occasionally to celebrate our traditions. Sweets are considered to be pure and are used as offerings to the deity. India is a region with a vast range of varieties in sweets. These high in carbs dishes are so tasty and mouth-watering that everyone is urged to eat.

In India, sweets are mostly made from milk (may differ from sweet to sweet)and pure ghee. The sweets like Kajukatli (also known as barfi), Gulab jamun, jalebi, ladoos, and kheer are often made at the time of Diwali. Nowadays, even sweets are available on both platforms( online and offline) so, it becomes easy to gift to share happiness duirn gthe Diwali festival.


Diwali is the festival lights of lights and is celebrated with excitement and happiness. This Diwali you should light a Diya of positivity and happiness. Due to online shopping platforms, street vendors are suffering a lot.

You can help them brighten their Diwali by buying handmade or hand-woven diyas, kandils, or clothes. This Diwali, let’s keep our tradition and culture alive.

Gifts hold a lot of emotions, by giving gifts that are useful and fulfill the needs of the receiver you can brighten their Diwali too. These Diwali gifting ideas will help you find your choice.



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