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7 Tips for Choosing Custom Kraft Boxes

Custom Kraft boxes have revolutionized packaging industry-wide. They are now being used to pack thousands of daily consumed goods such as beverages, food, perfumes, makeup, and many other consumer goods.

These customized boxes help in reducing the total cost of production of these products by a considerable margin. cardboard Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable. This is why they are preferred by most consumers over other packaging options.

Custom Kraft Boxes
Custom Kraft Boxes

These are the major points to be noted while Choosing Custom Kraft Boxes you should know. Get the following tips.


Customized Kraft boxes ensure the quality and appearance of the product while at the same time ensuring maximum durability. They are specifically manufactured to meet the specific requirements of various customers across the world.

They are carefully designed to meet the printing and packaging needs of a wide range of customers. For instance, the boxes can be customized according to the specifications of a particular client.


In order to create high-quality customized boxes, excellent design and superior engineering skills are required. High-quality, durable, long-lasting, and transparent cardboard boxes made using modern manufacturing techniques are being used worldwide for superior packaging purposes.

High-quality Kraft packaging material ensures superior protection and long shelf life of the goods. Hence, the importance of these boxes is increasing day by day.


It is possible to get customized boxes according to your preferences from many companies like Packaging Digest, Shipnshak, APM, and Plus printers. These companies provide packaging solutions to a wide range of customers.

You can use these companies for all types of packaging purposes from household waste packaging to industrial, commercial, and educational packaging needs. Plus printers are capable of printing colorful and customized images on these boxes. Besides, you can also customize the colors of these Kraft boxes online through their Online Print Services

kraft boxes with window
kraft boxes with window

Eco-friendly Printing Companies

Most of these eco-friendly printing companies offer free shipping, as well as money back, guarantee to their customers. This enables you to get your customized boxes within a short period of time. Most companies offer free setup and shipment along with the product. With free shipping services, you can be able to select the box design you want along with the colors. After selecting the box, you will be able to customize it with your company’s logo or color schemes.

Packaging Solution

You can easily personalize your packaging solution by adding logos or text on your eco-friendly printed boxes. Besides this, you can use graphic images of your choice on these boxes to make them look appealing. Adding attractive text on your box will not only enhance the visual appeal of these boxes but also improve their durability and life.


Eco-friendly printing companies utilize eco-friendly ink in manufacturing these boxes. Most of these ink colors are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. If you opt for plain white ink, you can also get brown, blue, and black inks. You can request these printing companies to print the background, borders, or any other design of your choice on these boxes in accordance with your customized requirements. Some companies also offer various designs of Kraft boxes with different colors and textures of ink on them.


The major benefit of using these eco-friendly packaging is that they are highly durable and you can expect long-term service. These boxes can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. Therefore, you can give your employees these boxes free of cost so that they can use them at their workplace or place of business regularly.

These boxes can be used as regular packaging or they can be used as a special and unique promotional item during special occasions. For instance, during the holiday season, you can print a message on these boxes and give them to all your employees so that they can send their loved ones to greet you.





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