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7 Oats benefits as Oatmeal You Should Know

Oats benefits are lots regarding health benefits. Oatmeals are the healthiest meal in the world generally taken as a breakfast food in the morning. The oat is a gluten-free grain with good sources of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. These nutrients are necessary for different processes in our body.

Lots of studies had already shown that oats and oatmeal have lots of health benefits. The most common advantages are weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels, and a reduced risk of heart disease as well

In this post, we will discuss oatmeal and its advantages for our health which you can take as an oatmeal overnight recipe or oatmeal in the morning.

7 Oats benefits as Oatmeal You Should Know
7 Oats benefits as Oatmeal You Should Know

What is oatmeal?

The oat is a plant that belongs to the family Poaceae and its scientific name is Avena L. . The oat genus consists of approximately more than 450 species and the most cultivated are Avena sativa and  Avena byzantina .

The cereal itself does not contain gluten, but since in most parts of the world it is processed with wheat, it is considered one of the dangerous foods for celiacs.

So, it is important to always check the packaging, because if it contains traces of this protein, it should appear on the packaging as “contains gluten”. You need to find the gluten-free oat cereals

Oatmeal is one of the best for our daily health. Taking it in a proper way and regularly make lots of advantages over our health.

Oatmeal Nutrients

For the Oats benefits,  it is necessary to consume 25 grams of fiber a day, in a 2 thousand calorie diet, and the cereal contains 2.73 g each portion. Therefore, this corresponds to 11% of our daily quantities. See what percentage of the Daily Value of nutrients it also carries:

  • 13% magnesium
  • 11% zinc
  • 9% iron
  • 8% protein
  • 6% phosphorus
  • 6% carbohydrates
  • 1.4% calcium.

This picture shows the oat nutritional value for 100gm of serving size which is also stated above already.

oats nutritional value
oats nutritional value

The great differential of oats is its fibers, but here it wins by quality, not by quantity, mainly due to beta-glucans, which brings several benefits to the body, as we will see below.

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Forms of oatmeal in Market

Fiber-rich oatmeal can be found in different forms like oat flour, oat flakes, and oat bran. In the market, you can find it as oatmeal cookies, oatmeal biscuits as well. Oatmeal nutrition has good benefits for our health.

How to take oat as oatmeal

Oatmeal is popularly taken as breakfast. As oatmeal, oats are taken with other liquids, such as water or milk. You can also add some fruits as banana, apple as well. When you are not taking fruits you can take them with added sugar. Also, you can take it with other rolled oats

Oatmeal is considered Full of nutrients and fiber which is being consumed by lots of people all over the world. It is regarded as to feel full for your health.

Taking every morning as the bowl of oatmeal is beneficial if you are taking it regularly. you can get lots of oats benefits in this way.


7 Oats benefits as Oatmeal

These are the benefits of the oats you should know. Although there are lots of other advantages of oatmeal, some of the major 7 oat benefits when taken as oatmeal are discussed below.

1. Oat has lots of fibers

Oatmeal is popularly taken for the benefit of the fiber. Generally, it contains two types of fiber: some are insoluble fibers, such as cellulose, which the enzymes in our body cannot “break”.

However, the highlight of the cereal is its soluble fibers, beta-glucans, which are partially digested by the intestine. They take the water that is in the organ and “suck” it.

In this way, they grow in size and form a gel that lines the wall of the stomach and intestine, slowing gastric emptying and prolonging satiety. Therefore, the consumption of oats is interesting for dieters.

2. Keeps the intestine in order

One of the best-known functions of oats is to regulate this organ. The large amounts of fiber in the food, when in contact with water, form a gel that stimulates the functioning of intestinal transit.

In addition, beta-glucan fibers stimulate the growth of the intestinal microbiota, that is, probiotics. This is because it serves as “food” for lactobacilli.

When bacteria proliferate on top of these fibers, there is the production of a substance, butyric acid, which stimulates peristaltic bowel movements.

The organ, in turn, when it is being stimulated, eliminates toxic substances faster and stimulates cell renewal. This decreases the chance of intestinal cancer.

The English researchers from Imperial College analyzed twenty-five studies involving more than two million people and came to the conclusion that ” The high intake of dietary fibers such as oats is associated with the reduction of the risk of colorectal cancer in the human body. ”

In the same way, taking 10 g per day of whole grains in addition to the total fiber ingested has concluded that there is a 10% reduction in the risk of the disease was found.

3. Helps to defend the organism and build Immunity

Oats do not have a direct action over our immunity, however, it improves the intestinal transit. This can increase our body’s organic defenses since it contributes to indirect benefits to the health of the intestinal flora as taking the quick oats for yo.

After all, 60% of our body’s total immunoglobulins are in the intestine. so, Every time we stimulate the intestinal microorganism, we end up producing more antibodies, which improves immunity towards the foreign world.

4. Helps to Prevents chronic diseases

The oatmeal cereal also acts to control glucose and cholesterol. Remember the gel that beta-glucans form when they come into contact with water? Glucose and cholesterol are “trapped” in this gel for a longer time, to be absorbed later.

In the case of sugars, this decreases the absorption time of carbohydrates, improving glycemic levels. Therefore, the consumption of oats in your daily meal is recommended for diabetics people especially type 2 diabetes

Eating cereal, especially in the form of bran, is also beneficial for those with high cholesterol as well. So we can say that it helps to prevent several chronic diseases as well as decrease cholesterol level.

Till now, There are not enough studies that oats help control hypertension, however, we know that it is rich in potassium, an important mineral to modulate high blood pressure, preventing fluid retention.

5. Oatmeal is Good for Skin

It is good for the skin  As it is a food rich in silicon and proteins, the consumption of oats is also good for the renewal of tissues, such as the skin. This helps in cell divisions and leaves the tissue looking better, as well as healthier. It helps to rehydrate skin health indirectly if we eat oatmeal regularly

6. Maintains Good Mood

As a protein source, oats contain tryptophan. It is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling our mood, known as a friend of well-being. For the conversion of one to the other form, the action of an enzyme is necessary, which only works well when the levels of some nutrients are adequate, among them, magnesium, also found in a good amount in the cereal. Thus, oats can be an extra ally in combating sadness and even depression.

7. Help to lose weight

As oatmeal contains lots of fibers, regular taking has lots of oat benefits. Lots of fibers help to maintain intestinal health which helps in reducing weight. Regular taking of oat as oatmeal can be benefitted from this.


In gist, these are 7 major Oats benefits you should know. Taking regular oatmeal has lots of advantages for you. It is beneficial for skin, chronic disease, losing weight. so. Take it regularly.



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