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10 Fun Things to do During Self Quarantine

Fun things to do during self quarantine is an awesome thing you can think up. No need to be panic and worry much. Everyone is aware that the world is going through a delicate moment with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the people are quarantined at home and most have recovered. Here are some tips you should do fun things when you are quarantined at home. They are also to be done during the pandemic time to keep yourself healthy and wise.

About the coronavirus:

The coronavirus is a family of viruses that has existed since 1937. On December 31, 2019, a new coronavirus was discovered, the COVID-19 it appeared in China in the seafood and live animals market in the city of Wuhan.

It is a flu-like disease that can cause serious respiratory infections, in general, it is not a very deadly disease, its problem is that it spreads very quickly so far, there is already more death worldwide.


Define quarantine

When we define quarantine it is simply staying alone to keep yourself safe. In this corona pandemic especially self-quarantine has become important to keep away from the coronavirus infection. If you are infected then it’s good to be self quarantine so that you will not be contaminated by others and your family members and friends will be safe from this deadly virus.

Fun things to do during self quarantine?

When you are PCR positive or Corona Positive and you don’t bear any symptoms of corona like high temperature, severe body pain, weakness, You can dedicate your time to some other beneficial works. 2 weeks quarantine time period is a long time where you can invest or utilize good things.

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10 Fun Things to do During Quarantine
10 Fun Things to do During Self Quarantine

Here are some important and simple things you can do during the corona quarantine time. But keep in mind that if you are healthy enough or you don’t have any symptoms of corona you can do it.

1. Watch Funny Movies and series:

You know that movie or series you were really looking forward to watching but you didn’t have time? This is the perfect time to catch up on your series and movies. There are lots of funny movies you can watch. They will make you happier all the time. You can watch online fun movies and series from youtube or you can directly download them.

2. Clean Home with fun

Well, you probably have something at home that you wanted time to be able to fix or put in order and you didn’t have time for example a messy wardrobe, so do that in your spare time, tidy up the house and do a big cleaning. [Also know about Pressure Cleaning ]

3. Play with Pets:

If you have a cat, dog, or other pet? So pay attention to him remember that he is alone all day at home while you go out to work or study. Playing with pes is also fun to do. You will love to do son. But keep in mind about their health also

4. Play Games Online

Playing, both online and offline games is a good strategy for spending time and having fun. At the same time, take advantage of the fact that the internet provides us with several games for all tastes and find a game that suits you best during the define quarntine with.

5. Studying and reading humor books:

In this free time, it is important that you continue to exercise your brain and you can do this easily by reading a book that interests you or going over a subject that you did not understand in school or college. Most people are in a state of depression due to the psychological effect of the corona. To make the best use of the time you can read some fun books .you can go through funny stories, jokes books and else.

6. Browse the Internet and have fun

As we all know the internet is very comprehensive, there are several things you can do on it, such as reading this post or any other post on the internet sites outside.

You can think about What to do during the self quarantine with friends. Most of your friends will be online. You can chat with them and make fun time good.

7.Listen to songs and music

In your free time, you can get into your favorite music and songs. You can enjoy time with all-time hits songs or select by you. You can this sone on video social sites like youtube,  Youku, and so on.

There are lots of songs and kinds of music you can engage with. Internet music and songs are the big sources. If you don’t have internet then you can play your favourite collected songs and music to keep yourself entertained.

8. Go for Spa day

This tip is more for girls, as you are at home take the opportunity to moisturize your hair, make facial masks, paint, and take care of your nails. Anyway, take care of yourself make homemade recipes and try new makeup tips. Going to spa make your self active and stress free. But keep in mind that dont go to the crowd

9. Make up your garden

The corona is not going to finish. When you have enough time you can manage your nearby garden full time. But keep in mind that you should be doing it in a healthy way. So, do clean after you have finished

10. Clean the cupboards clothes

You might have lots of stuff in old clothes and else. At this time you can clean up the cupboard and manage the clothes accordingly. Mostly it is suitable for the female. Separate the good ones and you can discard the non used or shorter ones that are not fit to you

Besides, there are lots of things you can do Fun things to do during self quarantine time of covid 19. You can do more things you are interested in. Explore more and be safe during this pandemic time.





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