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5 Workwear Essentials That Keep Health Workers Protected

Workwear is Essentials for wearing items that are needed for the health persons to keep them safe and protected. Several types of workwear are needed in health works time

Health workers have always been in the front lines when it comes to battling the world’s biggest problems. From the most fatal illnesses to most communicable diseases, they have been keeping the quality of life better for everyone.

If you think about it, health workers are always prepared to protect us from life-threatening conditions. But, what protects them in return? The immediate answer is workwear.

Just like in many other high-risk jobs, workwear does a good job of protecting health workers against contracting any form of the disease from patients. Simultaneously, it also provides patients an added layer of safety since hygiene and sanitation are important when it comes to health care. And so, aside from the requirement to wear the proper attire in health care facilities, it is also important to keep them clean at all times.

Getting health services is a common experience for everyone. But, you probably haven’t realized the importance of workwear until a pandemic hit the world. The widespread virus has been a monumental event that made us appreciate the health workers even more.

Work Wear Essentials That Keep Health Workers Protected
Work Wear Essentials That Keep Health Workers Protected

Despite the safety measures and proper workplace attire, they are still susceptible to dangerous and communicable diseases. World Health Organization believes that at least 180,000 health workers died from Covid-19 as of October of 2021. This proves that safety precautions in the workplace should be prioritized for health workers so they can continue to help society to their fullest potential.


So, how are health workers protected in the workplace? What do they need to wear in order to safeguard their health amidst the pandemic? Here are some of them:

Face Mask

Wearing a face mask is one of the most common ways to address the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Viral diseases are transmitted through droplets and small airborne particles. And so, making sure the mouth and nose are covered is important. This is the easiest way for health workers to work swiftly too as medical-grade face masks are disposable.

Medical-grade surgical masks are also important to not only protect the health workers but patients as well. If health workers are in not a healthy condition, patients will be less susceptible to catching any diseases from them.

Face Shield

Similar to face masks, a face shield also works to safeguard the health workers, especially their entire face. This is a vital aspect to note because the simplest mannerisms such as touching your face can lead to the transmission of many diseases or infections. Splatters and particles from the patients’ bodily fluids can be dangerous for healthy individuals. Therefore, a face shield adds contributes by providing an additional layer of safety.

By protecting the health workers’ eyes, nose, and mouth, the risks of contracting any diseases drastically decrease. In countries like the Philippines, wearing a face shield was even mandated by the government to be worn by civilians. Areas that are in closed spaces, crowded, or require physical contact require visitors to wear face shields properly.



Gloves are known to protect your hands. From weather conditions to safety reasons, gloves are always a reliable option to make sure that your body is not exposed to an unwanted environment. This is also the case for health workers. Wearing gloves helps in preventing direct contact with people who are ill and infectious. This also prevents the further spread of any type of virus on surfaces or other places.

Wearing gloves, coupled with frequent washing of hands, is a good practice for health workers to maintain a healthy body. To further protect themselves and others, they also change gloves frequently to avoid contamination.

Protective Coveralls

Medical personnel wears coveralls or medical suits on top of their uniform as another way to protect their body from harmful substances and viruses. Aside from adding a barrier to keep health workers safe, a coverall also helps to keep their environment clean. Some coveralls are made to block and filter particles to penetrate the body. On the other hand, some are made from antibacterial materials that keep the body clean and free from risks.

Generally, protective coveralls are worn in any risky environment. They are also worn by cleaners, mechanical workers, or laboratory staff. And so, they can be produced for different industries. While there’s an abundance in production, many health facilities still suffer from inadequate supplies because of the pandemic. This is more true in developing countries.


Similar to face shields, a pair of goggles help to protect the eyes from unwanted and hazardous particles and substances from health personnel’s environment. As much as your eyes are some of the most sensitive parts of your body, they are also prone to infections. Simple acts like scratching your eyes or wiping them with your hands can introduce your eyes to health risks. This is why aside from making sure health workers’ hands are protected, their eyes should also be well-covered.

At the end of the day, the health risks that they commonly face on a daily basis are beyond the naked eye to see. So, taking extra precautions to safeguard their body is important. This is needed to not only keep them away from illnesses but to avoid contaminating the health facilities too.

Key Takeaway

In a time where the world is dealing with a powerful health risk, it’s important to know how the experts are combatting it. The institutions came up with physical distancing protocols and various vaccine innovations to keep society as healthy as possible. While the government and corporations are doing their share to keep the world intact, appreciation should also go to health workers. These are the people who courageously face the virus and save people’s lives.

Knowing what health workers are doing and the things that they do to protect themselves is important. This serves as awareness of the lengths that they go through and at the same time the struggles they endure. Wearing layers of clothing and equipment is not comfortable for everyone. This only adds to the many sacrifices health workers make to make sure that people are healthy. Therefore, there is no better way to celebrate their efforts than by doing what we are advised to battle the pandemic faster.




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