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Everything You Need To Know-What is Otoplasty Surgery ?

What is Otoplasty Surgery? What are the types of Otoplasty? These are simply the procedures in Cosmetic Surgery where you can modify the look of your Ear to look more good.

People undergo different types of surgeries in life. These surgeries are somewhat minor or acute. Depending on the time a particular surgery takes, you can understand the seriousness of the surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is one of those surgeries that people often do to change their appearance. They undergo this surgery out of choice and not a necessity. Similarly, otoplasty is one such cosmetic surgery that people often choose to undergo.

What is Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty surgery is an ear surgery where you can change the way your ear looks.  It denotes the surgical procedure for correcting deformities and different ear defects due to different reasons like a defect in the pinna, a trauma in the pinna, absence of external ear, and so on. Simply it is the change in shape, size, and position of the ear by doing the surgery.

Mostly otoplasty is done for cosmetic purposes. This surgery has become popular in many countries nowadays.  People can change the shape, size, and overall appearance of the ear. Surgeons perform this surgery on your ear’s outer layer, known as the auricle.

Sometimes, this part of your ear does not develop very well. In such cases, people prefer going for this ear surgery and make its shape better. With the help of this surgery, you can fix the position and size of your entire ear.

So, most people choose to go for this ear surgery. Nowadays for the beautify purpose also this otoplasty surgery is done.

Otoplasty denotes the surgical and non-surgical procedures for correcting the deformities and defects of the pinna, and for reconstructing a defective or deformed, or absent external ear, consequent to congenital conditions and trauma.

Different types of Otoplasty surgery

After knowing “What is Otoplasty Surgery”, let’s know about the types, There are different types of otoplasty surgeries that people can undergo to make their ears look better. A few of these surgeries include:

  • Ear Reduction:

People with a Macrotia condition often suffer because of some longer than usual ears. This condition can make them look weird and feel less confident in life. Such people choose to go for this ear reduction surgery. This type of otoplasty surgery can help them reduce the size of your ears.

  • Ear Augmentation:

Some people have smaller ears that have not developed much. In that case, people often choose to consider doing ear augmentation surgery. In this type of surgery, people with small ears can increase the size according to their preference. Ear augmentation is needed for those people with smaller size Ears.

  • Ear Pinning:

In this type of surgery, the ears are closer to your head. Often in some people, we notice that the ears are far from the head. Sometimes, ears also seem to prominently and uncomfortably stick out. For such people, this surgery is apt.

Who can opt for otoplasty surgery?

Let us keep this in mind before moving forward that not everyone can undergo all types of surgeries. Some individuals should never go for this otoplasty surgery. They should be known to us.  People who should avoid this surgery are:

  • Children less than five years of age should never go ahead with this surgery as it can prove to be very risky for them.
  • People sometimes have more than one condition in their bodies. So, the individual who is not in an overall good health condition should strictly avoid this surgery.
  • Smokers should stay away from undergoing most surgeries and medicines. People who smoke too much suffer from a low blood flow. In that case, the healing process slows down quite a lot. So, smokers are not allowed to go for this surgery.

The Procedure of Otoplasty surgery

The outpatient procedure of the otoplasty surgery takes almost three hours. However, the time can vary between 1 hour to three hours that depends on its complexity.

Sometimes, during the procedure, patients get local anesthesia or general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is given to young children mostly.

The technique of surgery depends entirely on the surgeon and the requirement of the patient. There are different and standard ways to do otoplasty surgery.

And keep in mind that the person and the family need to know about What is Otoplasty Surgery, its side effect, complication, and procedure.

Otoplasty Surgery Recovery Time

After the surgery, the recovery time is not so much long time. In two weeks’ time, the wound is completely healed. You can take out the stitches after wound heals. Actually, the stitches or the sutures are taken out around 10-14 days. Some cosmetic surgeons don’t put sutures on the skin. They put the suture from inside for which you don’t need to do anything. By the time of 10-14 days,  it will be healed.

But sometimes there can be a disaster that the post-otoplasty surgery wound might not be healthy as assumed. The wound can be infected and there might be discharge. If this happens so then there might be a chance of abnormal wound healing with wound scar.

Post Otoplasty side effects

Side effects after the otoplasty surgery are fewer nowadays but however, there can have the following common side effects after this surgery also.

  • Pain  and swelling on ears
  • Itchy Ear due to allergy
  • redness if there is an infection
  • may have bruising due to hematoma
  • numbness or tingling of the entire ear.

Consult your Physician!

The title works almost like a disclaimer. It is imperative to consult a doctor before going for any surgery. You should be aware about What is Otoplasty Surgery? Then also know about the types of Otoplasty surgery. 

Doctors will give you the best and the right advice regarding this case. For this surgery, patients need to consult only a certified doctor who is an expert in the otoplasty field.

The experienced plastic surgeon will carefully examine the patient’s medical health history and medications. After a thorough discussion and a series of questions, the surgeon will understand if you need this surgery. Better seek good and expert advice.




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