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What is dedicated server hostings ? and Know Exclusive Benefits

The name itself defines the meaning which means that the server which provides the entire dedicated server hostings to your website and its needs. This provides reliability, speed, and security to your website. However, you have fuller control over how the server gets set up including customized software options and hardware configuration.

What is dedicated server hostings Benefit
What is dedicated server hostings Benefit

What is dedicated server hostings ?

A dedicated server is also called dedicated server hostings also. Simply it is a type of web hosting in which the server resource is used maximum with lots of benefits. The server hosting provider supplies the physical the dedicated server and environment

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hostings?

Now you need to know why do you need dedicated server hostings, you should java and overlook its benefits-

  1. Security and control
  2. Managed hosting
  3. No shared resources
  4. Increased site speed
  5. Customization possibilities
  6. Be your own web host
  7. Create a private git Repository

Security and Control

It is the foremost benefit of the dedicated server hostings as security is a concern for your website so, it takes care of the security of your website.
This is so appealing for business owners that they will have total control over their sites without jiving to bend the needs of other business on a shared server.

Managed hosting

This is provided by motion hosting which helps you to setup server to your requirements and also helps with regular updates & maintenance. It has its own advantages and uses.

No shared resources

You know that many times you are at limitations placed by having to shared resources. this means that CPU and RAM power are all distributed. As you know if your website takes too long to load, consumers may seek out your competitors’ side instead, which is not at all great for your business.

Increased site speed

Its name itself defines that with more resources available elements can load faster. As we all know Google uses to determine search engine ranking by its site speed. Further, it is also found that they may be using ” time to first byte” as the official means of measurement. A slow site is less likely to get a lot of return traffic.

Customization Possibilities- with the dedicated server hostings you can specifically configure your server to work best with your website. This can include configuration for a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) platform Such as WordPress.

Additionally, if you lend your dedicated server hostings, and do not buy one it is easier to upgrade as your website outgrows your current home. You need not worry about paying for server equipment, software, or upgrades.

WHEN should you choose the dedicated server hostings?

Firstly, find out if your site is receiving heavy more traffic. If you found that the numbers are much higher than the previous traffic it will be the correct time to upgrade from your current plan. Your choice will either be dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, VPS. As with many other words press consideration, your decision will depend on the specific needs of your websites.

Now the quick gist or we can say recap of above all, here are major reasons why you should need a dedicated server hostings.

  1. Your website is growing day by day and facing lots of traffic, then you need to handle the traffic you should opt desiccated server for handling your site traffic.
  2. You want to control every aspect of your server.
  3.  Security is a concern for your website.
  4. You’d like your page loading times to be as optimal as possible.


Dedicated server hostings are important if you are in the digital world. you can get maximum benefits as managed hosting, safety, and speed hostings are the most important parts.




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