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5 Creative Wall Decorating Ideas on Empty Wall

wall decorating ideas for the empty wall can be planned slowly so as to make it perfect as far as possible. There are creative ideas to explore with the 5 things below.

Having huge empty ways and not knowing what to do with them has been a common problem for a long time. Most commonly, we deal with blank walls by putting large decorations on them that cover a lot of space so it doesn’t look empty at all. They will Improve Home look making it so much pretty and beautiful.

However, there are actually a lot of creative ways to fill in huge empty walls other than hanging huge decorations that could cost you a lot. Here are some of the five great wall decorating ideas you might want to try out.

Hang Some Draperies

If you have a Scandinavian or boho theme in your décor, hanging a drapery on a blank wall helps create a statement on your décor. Aside from that, it is an easy yet effective way to cover up those empty wall spaces you have and make it look more interesting.

You could choose from a variety of draperies depending on which one suits your style – from tapestries, quilt, or textured blanket.

Create a Colour Block Wall

If you want to beautify an empty wall and refresh your décor as well, creating a color block wall is a perfect style you could try out. All you need is a couple of paints with complementing colors, painter’s tape, and a paint brush to do this project.

Plan out the layout of your color blocks before painting the wall and you’ll definitely end up with a stylish-looking wall without hanging any decorations on it.

Create a Wall Garden

For plant lovers, you could beautify an empty wall easily by creating a walled garden. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, wall gardens look definitely great.

However, you should take into consideration the plants you’re going to use especially if it’s an indoor wall garden. You could add some shelves and arrange potted plants over it, or simply add hooks and hang your favorite plants.

Place a Large Mirror

Using mirrors is another easy yet effective way of bringing more life into an empty wall space. If the wall is located in a darker part of the room, simply adding a large mirror on it would make the room look brighter and bigger since it would reflect more natural light around the area.

Aside from being a great decorative element, mirrors are also very functional especially when placed in the right locations.

Make a Collage

Wall collages are commonly done by kids and teens when they want to personalize their room a lot more. However, you could still use it when decorating empty wall spaces.

All you have to do is collect your favorite images from magazines, posters, calendars, postcards, and many more. Choose a theme for your photos to achieve a unified collage.

You could even buy a collage kit so you don’t need to look for different images to use in your college.

Those decorating tips are not only so easy to do, they are also very budget-friendly that you won’t spend a lot in making your home look more beautiful than before.


In this way, you can follow the above 5 most wanted wall decorating ideas. So, we can Decorate an Empty Wall to make it more real and beautiful. And Enjoy the home



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