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Virtual Trade Show Planning Checklist

Virtual Trade Show events are on the rise and the virtual event industry is booming today. But, some organisers may face a certain challenge while planning it in the right way. It is a must to have proper planning to ensure a successful event.

Some organisers struggle with the right planning of virtual trade shows and result in making their event fall flat on the face.  This is one of the Proper ideas to start a business as well.

To ease their issue, we have enumerated the checklist to plan a successful virtual trade show event with ease. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Virtual Trade Show Planning Checklist
Virtual Trade Show Planning Checklist

Checklist for pre virtual trade show event 

Some of the easy to follow pre-virtual event checklist has been compiled below, have a look:

Determine your event goals

Identifying your virtual trade show goals is a must to get the maximum out of your event. If you have set your goals ahead of time, you can track how well your events performed against them.

Do some study and define your objectives properly. A comprehensive virtual web trade show platform allows you to collect data that aids in the measurement of your event’s performance.

Decide upon your budget

To make future decisions, you’ll need to create a budget for your virtual trade show. Every event has a budget, but virtual event budgeting differs from traditional event budgeting. With virtual events, all of the costs associated with travel, lodging, decor, and venue are completely eliminated.

When creating a budget for a virtual event, the most important factor is to invest in the correct technology and promotion strategies.

Leverage the right  trade show platform

Selecting the right virtual trade show platform is a must to host a successful event. Look for a platform that allows you to set up 3d custom virtual booths.

Additionally, make sure the platform you are selecting offers exciting features for networking such as live chats, B2B meeting scheduler, AI-matchmaking, virtual networking tables, business card exchange, and more for seamless communications.

Apart from it, make sure the platform has ample options for engagement such as photo booths, gamification, social walls, and much more to boost excitement and engagements.

Promote your  event the right way

To ensure optimum attendance at your upcoming virtual trade show, you must promote and market it in the right way. Your event will not be successful no matter how amazing it is if your potential guests are unaware of it.

Use social media marketing and leverage popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more to promote your event.

Apart from it, leverage direct mail, public relations, website promotion, word-of-mouth marketing, and so on to promote your virtual trade fair.

Search for the right sponsors

Offer exciting sponsorship packages to attract sponsors to your virtual trade shows. Having sponsors is a must for your event as they play a major role in decking your event budget.

Checklist for virtual web trade show planning during the event 

Check out this virtual web trade show planning checklist that you need to follow during your event:

Maintain a high level of interest among guests throughout the event.

Try to keep your attendees engaged throughout the event by incorporating various engagement options.  Between your events, include interactive elements like live polls, surveys, games like spin the wheel, quizzes, and sweepstakes. It keeps your attendees interested throughout the event.

Facilitate real-time during Live event

Allow your attendees to have open interactions in real-time with booth representatives and as well as with other attendees. Offer various options for networking during the event.

Allow them to schedule a call with the booth representative as per the preferred time slot. Give them options to exchange business cards with just like physical counterparts.

Additionally, offer them networking lounges where they can have 1:1 or group interactions via live audio/video chats with other attendees.

Motivate them to participate in engagement activities

It is a must to encourage your virtual participants to participate in various engagement activities. Motivate them to participate in live polls, quizzes, leaderboard challenges, contests, games, etc. organized during the event. It will help in keeping them interested and hooked to the event for long hours.

Track Valuable data during the event

Gathering accurate data of the event is quite helpful in measuring the event’s success. Track each and every digital attendee move during the virtual trade show. A comprehensive virtual trade show platform that offers robust data tracking features will help you out in this one.

Right from tracking how attendees navigated, what they share, downloaded, and how much time, they spent on individual booths, the data tracking feature tracks all.

It helps in generating real-time event analytics report that helps in measuring the performance of the event and know the impediments that need to be worked on for future events.

Post virtual trade show planning checklist

We have listed some of the steps to follow once the virtual web trade show gets over:

Follow up

Do not forget about the event follow-up once the event ends. It is one of the most essential steps to follow. It will allow you to gain valuable attendee feedbacks.

Share on social media platforms

Post your event glimpses on social media platforms once the event will get over. Leverage the power of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. It will allow your event to reach attendees who are not part of the event. Thus resulting in motivating them to be a part of the event in the coming times.

Over To You

Planning a virtual trade show is not that tough all you need to do is have the right strategy, plan and leverage the right virtual event technology. And you are all set to host a successful virtual trade show.

In the above-mentioned blog, we have listed a certain checklist for pre, during, and post the trade show events. Following the list ensures you host a successful web trade show event that delivers optimal results. Hope the list mentioned above helps you plan and host a successful virtual web event.




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