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Useful Bike Maintenance Tips: From Service To Changing Spare Parts 

Maintaining a motorcycle is a mandatory step you have to take to ensure your vehicle is in shape and running for quite some years. Besides that, it also provides the convenience of driving your motorbike fluently over long distances without experiencing any difficulty. 

Certainly, you will have to follow essential steps that are the requirement of all brands including that of Hero Motocorp to take care of your bike. It could be like replacing old spare parts with new ones, buying online bike accessories, end-to-end cleaning, and much more. Undoubtedly, Hero bikes are easy to maintain for a low budget and will last for a long time. Still, two-wheelers require a regular set of maintenance at your end.  

Here in this blog post, we shall give you the best ways of maintaining your motorcycle well for usage in the long term.  

1. Ensure regular service of motorcycle:

To ensure long-lasting engine performance, you need to have regular servicing carried out. Service is no more about a single thing that is washing and changing engine oil. It implies performing full surveillance on the interior and exterior parts of your motorbike. The inspection will expose any defect in the engine, body exterior, nuts and boltserall operation, technicalities, and spare parts.  

Therefore, you can do all the following during the service stage; fixing the faults and cleaning the bike. This approach assists in the attainment of the desired condition/state as far as the appearance and functionality of your bike are concerned. Moreover, it will help you ride the motorcycle for a long time and make your overall travel simple and effective.  

2. Change the essential oils: 

The other action that you should do to keep the bike in order is the regular changing of oil. Motorcycle oil is not the oil that is limited to the engine alone. Also included are changing brake oil, fixing shocker oil, chain lubrication for smooth running performance, coolant, and further. However, should you decide to defer the change of the vital oils of your bike, this might result in unanticipated wear & tear, reduced mileage, poor performance, and any kind of breakdown. 

3. Replacing spare parts:

Spare parts are the building components of your motorcycle that have to work correctly and smoothly. It is obvious that some discarded spare parts that are implicated in the motorcycle such as spark park, light, break wire, clutch wire, brake, and clutch to be replaced regularly due to increased wear issues.  

That is why you must apply the new and genuine spare parts instead of the old ones on the bike. And here we have another item on the imperative list of bike maintenance that you should do. If you want to switch the spare of your bike, you can have two ways of carrying out the same deed as well. Only you can get your passport changed at the authorized service center. As a second option, you can buy originalbike spare parts from outside and fit them at the service station where they can be done appropriately and cheaply. 

4. Redo the paint job:

Riding your motorcycle for a few years and facing an unrequired accident, bad use and the effect of weather can cause your paintwork to get damaged. What is not good paintwork when you are selling your used motorcycle is taking into account and giving its price. Hence, ensure you are up to date on the current condition of the paint of your bike and if possible, try to fix the problem. Thus having finished, you have to again think of going to the authorized service center of the motorcycle brand and repairing the paintwork to obtain the targeted selling price. 

5. Check riding performance:

Among the many things that matter the most for your bike`s maintenance is keeping track of its performance and replacing or fixing the parts that need it. Of course, performance is checking whether the bike is running normally, whether the bike parts are in good condition or not, air filter, battery, suspension, handlebar, brake, and other things working well-mannered or not. All the above-mentioned factors should be considered most for good maintenance of your motorbike for a long period. In addition, the same shall be the ex-factory price of the vehicle on sale to any other interested person. 


To ensure a comfortable riding experience for a long-lasting time, be prepared to take care of your bike. Maintain it well with regular servicing, change of parts, washing, adding required safety accessories, and the list goes on. Specifically, when it comes to maintaining your Hero motorcycle, then you have the ideal place to buy spare parts and genuine accessories at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. This online commerce platform allows you to buy original, genuine, and cost-effective components to maintain your ride for a long.  



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