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08 Up-cycled Planter Ideas that are Easy to Make

Looking for creative and easy-to-make planter ideas? Check out these unique up-cycled planter ideas using items you probably already have at home. Give your plants a stylish new home with these budget-friendly DIY projects.

Growing plants is one of the best ways to decorate your home and brighten your day. Plants are easy to grow and are very forgiving, so you don’t need any fancy equipment or knowledge.

Some people like to use store-bought planters, but these can get expensive and take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for an alternative, try these up-cycled planter ideas that are easy to make:

1.    Up-cycled Tupperware Planter

One of the easiest ways to make a planter is by using a discarded plastic container. You can use anything from an old yogurt container or margarine tub to an old ice cream pail or even a laundry detergent bottle! Simply clean out the container and fill it with soil. If you want, you can add rocks or gravel at the bottom of your planter to help keep your soil in place while preventing drainage problems. The only limit is your imagination!

2.    Plastic Bottles Planter Ideas

You can turn your old plastic bottles into mini planters by using them as pots for plants and herbs. You can also use these mini planters as vases for small flowers if you want to give them away as gifts. All you have to do is cut off the bottom part of the bottle and make holes on both sides so that water can drain out from it easily. Then, plant your favorite flowers in your newly made mini planter and place it anywhere around your house for instant decor!

3.    Up-cycled Corkboard Planter

This corkboard planter is perfect for succulents or cacti if you live in a dry climate, or you could use it to grow herbs if you live in a wetter area. You’ll need some corkboard tiles, a glue gun, hot glue sticks, potting soil, and succulents from the nursery or grocery store. If you don’t have any corkboards lying around at home, check out thrift stores or Craigslist for cheap ones!

4.    Paper Towel Roll Planter with String Holes

This is one of my favorite up-cycled planter ideas because it’s so easy and versatile. All you need is a paper towel roll, a drill, some string or twine, and some soil. Drill holes in the sides of your roll using an appropriately sized bit (slightly smaller than your string). Then fill it with soil, plant whatever seeds you want, and hang it on your porch or patio where they’ll get lots of sunlight! If you want to get fancy, consider adding little wooden feet on the bottom so that they don’t topple over easily when full of water or dirt.

5.    Up-cycled Paper Towel Roll Planter

Paper towel rolls make great containers for growing plants and flowers. They’re sturdy enough to hold water but light enough for your kids or pets to carry in their hands. This upcycled planter idea is so simple that it’s perfect for kids!

6.    Plant Pots with Paper Bags:

You can use coffee cans or buckets to make these cute little pots. First, cut off the top of the can or bucket, and then cut out a circle in the bottom so that you have an opening for drainage. Next, fill each pot with potting soil and plant your favorite flowers or vegetables. You could also use empty paper towel rolls instead of cutting out circles from cans or buckets for these mini plant pots!

7.    Plantable Seed Bag:

Plantable seed bags are made from recycled paper. They can be made into any shape, size, or color that you like. Fill them with soil, plant your seeds, and watch them grow!

8.    Recycled Glass Bottle Planters:

This is an inexpensive project that requires little skill or money. Simply use a hammer and nail to poke holes in the bottle caps, fill them with soil and plant your seeds!


There are so many creative and inspiring Planter Ideas  out there to help you make amazing planters that you won’t know where to begin. You can Transform old items into beautiful planters with these easy up-cycling ideas. From old tires to teapots, these ideas will add style and greenery to any space.

Visit Mappels to find more creative ideas and learn how to make them. The best way is to get inspired, get creative, and show off your up-cycled planters. We’re positive that all your friends will be begging you to make them similar ones for their homes.

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