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Different types of shutters blinds and shades

Shutters blinds and shades are of many types which you need for your homeroom. Will be able to know about these in this post. We deal with separately shutters, blinds, and shades with their types

There are so many options and so many different ways in which we can dress up the windows! It is both intimidating and exciting in equal measures, especially if you are unsure about what you are looking for.

Should you go for classic drapes, billowy curtains, snazzy blinds, shades, or airy shutters? There are a host of options among shutters blinds and shades to make for diverse window treatment options.

Should one make a uniform choice of blinds and shades for all the rooms or does one mix and match and shuffle things up? It is a decision that must be taken from the early stages of interior decoration.

Different types of shutters blinds and shades 


Window shutters are stable window covers that are installed for security and privacy. There are two main types of shutters – interior window shutters and exterior window shutters.

Under these two broad categories, the different varieties of shutters are

Full height shutters

this is an elegant style that covers the window from top to bottom and gives privacy while letting light into the room.

Tier on tier shutters

they are designed as two separate panels that are one on top of another and operate independently. They suit Victorian windows and modern homes equally.

Shaped shutters

it is a customizable window shutter that will fit any window shape – oval circle, semi-circle, or triangle shape.

Café shutters

Café shutters give the best amount of light and privacy in busy areas

Solid shutters

Solid shutters are insulated and work best for the bedrooms

There are other types of shutters offering similar functionalities such as bay window shutters, conservatory shutters, tracked shutters, and waterproof shutters.


Blinds are made of solid material and installed as individual slats that can be opened and shut with a pulley. You can Decorate Your Beautiful Spaces With Curtains And Blinds .

different types of blinds
different types of blinds

The different types of blinds are –

Venetian blinds

The Venetian blinds are open from top to bottom and are most commonly chosen for aesthetic and functional reasons. They are regarded as ideal for kitchens and bathrooms when you choose from shutters blinds and shades.

Vertical blinds

as the name suggests, they open sideways and come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials to bring casual elegance to the formal look of the windows.

Roller blinds

they are also called Holland blinds and offer precise sun control and are easy to clean and handle. They are perfect for large and small windows and in them, there are varieties such as –

    1. A double or single system with colored, textured, or patterned fabric
    2. Linked or split system with independent controls that are ideal for large walls of windows
    3. Fascia or cassette to enclose the blind system
    4. Automated systems with which blinds can be opened or closed with the touch of a button

Roman Blinds

they feature horizontal panels of fabric to create an elegant look that stacks up in tidy folds when the blinds are raised.


Shades are versatile and work well in any part of the house. They are different from blinds as they are made from a single fabric.

Types of shades
Types of shades

The different types of shades are –

Roller shades

They are an all-purpose window treatment with clean lines that will adapt to any type of interiors and can be combined with drapery and curtains for classic looks. Shades in neutral colors give uncluttered look and airy ambiance. They can be installed with extra safety features such as cordless operations and loop control.

Solar shades

As the name suggests, solar shades offer protection from overwhelming UV sun rays and glare. They are fabricated to reduce sun exposure.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades have a distinctive honeycomb-style or pleated structure and come with unique designs and work well with most rooms. They have both top/down and bottom/up functionality and give a good view from the room while helping in maintaining privacy. There are over 300 varieties in cellular shades based on cell size, configuration, opacity, and color.

Transitional shades

These transitional shades have dual layers of fabric that create a signature horizontal striped effect. They are ideal for rooms where the amount of light entering changes throughout the day as the shades alternate between sheer to opaque.

There is a multitude of options even among the mentioned set of shutters blinds and shades that one can mix and match and play around with.







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