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Tips for Designing Display Boxes

In a competitive retail industry, getting consumers’ attention and driving more sales is a challenge for marketers. When shoppers pass through the mall streets, their journey ends at checkout. This counter is the last step for brands to display products on shelves. Counter display boxes act as a game changer, and mostly use in retail product packaging.

Display boxes cardboard are a game changer in retail marketing strategy, it impacts customers and increases brand visibility. In this article, we will explore the significance of counter display boxes, their benefits, and their functions.

Benefits of display boxes

The Art of Impulse Buying:

Placing products in counter display boxes at the point of sale grabs the attention of customers and leads to more sales. Sale at this point is called impulse buying, and it contains unplanned purchases. Usually, these products work as kids’ emotional triggers and boost sales. Placing products at this point seek to boost sales, and enhance brand presence. Custom printed Display boxes, strategically play with psychology and boost impulse buying. In addition to this, presenting products in an eye-catching way at checkout locations draw the attention of customers. According to research, POS counter display boxes multiply sales volume easily.

Creating an unforgettable presence:

Strategic placement of counter display packaging boxes near POS and high-traffic areas ensures visibility. At the final step of purchasing, in the final moments of the trip, they just get impulse buying. When consumers are waiting to complete transactions, this display of products enhances sales and draws the attention of customers. These featured products, invite customers for spontaneous purchases.

Maximizing Brand Visibility:

Counter display boxes serve as a powerful branding tool. It enhances visibility and recalls the brands in the customer’s mind. A prominent showcasing of logos, taglines, and visual art, tells about the brand’s exposure. These displays strengthen the brand and improve its presence in customers’ minds. This continuous reinforcement of brand identity fosters brand loyalty and establishes a connection with customers.

Driving Impulsive Decision-Making:

Counter display boxes wholesaleproduction not only reduces cost but also helps Customers in impulsive decision-making. Attractive designs and prominent positioning of counter display boxes trigger impulsive decision-making among customers. This append curiosity, convenience, and influence on the spot purchases. Such a display compels customers to add a few more products to their shopping baskets. Shoppers also add things to the basket that they even don’t need sometimes.

Customization and personalization:

Custom printed counter display boxesare unique in shape and branded. Contrary to this, premade boxes are simple and not printed. Customization allows manufacturers to add a logo on the box and tell about the brand of product. Consumers know the brand from the packaging and logo printed on the box. Custom counter display boxes offer much more customization options for customers. Brands modify and customize a box until it becomes user-friendly and satisfy customer needs. In addition to this, brands are more conscious of the unique design of boxes. Right packaging target the right audience, express unique characteristics, and functions, and directly hit target audiences.

From simple cardboard structures to innovative designs, counter display boxes ensure that a box is aligned with the marketing objectives of the product. Besides this, in customization, one can get the desired box in any dimension, shape, and design. Customization makes the box unique, up to the mark, and stand out the product among competitors.

Counter display Packaging Enhancing Consumer Engagement:

Counter displays at marketing shelves enhance consumer engagement and convey complete information about the product. Customers get more and more impressions at POS and decide to buy a few products for them. Counter display boxes are large in dimension and sturdy to stand alone on shelves, and this bigger size enhances their visibility. According to research, more visibility and impression of the product leads to more sales.

This is an opportunity for brands to get more customers engagement, and provide some value to them. Next to this, adding a QR code, scan able content, and interactive elements on the box gain customers’ attention. Furthermore, counter display boxes also offer cardboard-made games, labels, and puzzles that draw the attention of kids and sell products to them.

Analyzing Performance and Effectiveness:

When we analyze the performance of display counter cartons, these ate more effective and efficient. When brands collect sales data, they find products displayed in counter boxes sell more. For this reason, brands conduct surveys and get feedback from retail stores and passersby opinions. This is obvious, optimization of product placement improves the overall performance of the product.

Power of Counter Display Boxes:

Marketers said counter display boxes are a powerful marketing tool. It is a transformative marketing tool that drives impulse purchases. It also enhances brand exposure and makes a better retail product experience.

Promotional Campaigns and counter display boxes:

Sometimes brands offer some sort of promotion and discounts. Here, brands want to display offers at POS and entry points. In these scenarios, counter display boxes work as a salesman. They promote themselves and enhance the promotion effect. In this way, users know about the promotions and buy multiple products in a single go. This promotion technique is a marketer’s favorite choice of all time.

Easy setup of Custom counter display boxes:

These counter display cartons are produced on a flat surface and then easily convert and set into a 3D shape. Their setting is very easy and can be done instantly. When these boxes are produced, folding lines, perforation, and die cuts are set. These creases help a counter display box to stand alone and carry much weight inside them. These are similar to metal-made stands and have the potential to carry more weight.

In-store differentiation:

When storekeepers stand products at POS, these products add differences from others. Consumers think most of the time about the consciously and want to know why these products are placed at POS. In most cases, these are snacks, chocolates, and small kids’ toys. Such counters also contain fence partitions that retain a specific distance among the products and protect them. So, it is clear counter display boxes are protected, safe, and carry products in a specific pattern.


Custom counter display packaging is paramount, and retail marketing can’t be done without them. It drives impulse purchase, enhance brand visibility, and engage shoppers at POS. Such boxes give a unique experience that boosts sales and leads to branding.



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