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From Tiny Teeth to Big Smiles: The Joys of a Pediatric Dental Assistant

Watch tiny teeth transform into bright smiles! Discover the rewarding career of a pediatric dental assistant & the joy of building confidence in kids.

Nine to five jobs are great! They are always there to help you put food on the table, take care of your loved ones, and fulfill your daily needs. However, some jobs are more rewarding than others. They can give you purpose and drive you toward excellence.

A pediatric dental assistant may be a highly rewarding career and an ideal trajectory for you. When you want to enroll in an RDA course in California, you have to set yourself on the path of becoming a dental assistant. Once you have completed the course and become a licensed dental assistant, it automatically opens up the definite opportunity to become a pediatric dental assistant.

Here’s How Being A Pediatric Dental Assistant Can Be Rewarding:

1. You Wash Away Their Fear

Unlike regular dental assistants, those who work at a pediatric dental clinic or hospital have lots of challenges. However, the rewards couldn’t be any better. Working with children can be tricky and interesting. They tend to be stubborn, and unreasonable and may throw tantrums. However, they are also full of curiosity, awe, and innocence. Kids visiting the dentist for the first time are very intrigued by all the instruments and fancy equipment in the exam room.

When you fast-track your career to become a pediatric dental assistant with a dental assistant certification, you get to play teacher with these curious and adorable toddlers. You get to use images, videos, songs, and language that’s understandable for kids to explain how those tools work.

A good pediatric dental assistant can turn scary tools into fun instruments for scared kids. Some dental assistants assign comic characters to scary instruments to put children at ease and help calm down their tiny anxious hearts. When you see the fear vanish from their eyes, you gain the trust of both the kid and the parent and it makes all the challenges of this industry worth it.

2. Surrounded By Smiles

Kindergarten teachers tend to be the coolest people in the group since they get infected by the happy energy from kids all day. When you enroll in a certified dental assistant program to smoothen your journey toward working at a pediatric clinic, you’ll find yourself in a similar situation.

Working with kids, toddlers, and teens allows you to see a younger and more innocent version of yourself in them. While you prep them for the exam, you get to chat with them, answer their questions, and come out of it with laughs, mischievous giggles, and high-fives. Work stress melts away when you get to interact with these bundles of joy throughout the day.

3. Immense Growth Opportunity

Driverless cars, artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the factors that have led to severe layoffs in recent years. A lot of jobs are growing out of demand and being replaced with automation. However, pediatric dental assistants are supposed to grow in demand significantly by 2028.

When you fulfill the dental assistant requirements in California, you should be able to boost your income significantly. Top pediatric dental assistants with years of experience can earn in six figures. Moreover, as awareness of the importance of oral hygiene increases, parents are focusing on preventative care for their children from a young age. As long as you enroll in a reputable dental assistant school that arms you with the right knowledge and practical training, landing your dream job with immense growth opportunities becomes a breeze.

4. Flexibility

Are you tired of CEOs and managers shoving down the myth of overworking yourself for financial freedom? Unfortunately, most people don’t have the luxury of working in a lucrative and rewarding industry with flexible hours. With a dental assistant certificate and a knack for working with kids, you can secure your path to becoming a pediatric dental assistant. This career option comes with high pay and flexible working hours. You can choose to work part-time without sacrificing a quality life.

5. Recognition

Any profession where you need to work with kids demands a lot of respect and recognition. Those who are excellent at it, become celebrities and recognizable personalities like Fred Rogers. Teachers and pediatricians are highly respected for the same reason. When you become a pediatric dental assistant who helps secure the smiles of worried parents and anxious kids, you become a hero to your friends, family and everyone else who is important to you.

As you work with kids at the clinic, you get to see a few regular visitors achieve significant milestones. You’ll know them by their names, and develop strong bonds with them as they grow up from showing you their baby teeth to being assisted by you with their invisible aligners. You’ll feel rewarded every time they throw a tantrum to have you as their dental assistant. Now that’s a special moment you don’t get to see in most jobs!

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