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The Best Guide to Product Boxes

In E-commerce, product boxes have become very important as more and more people are buying products online. Only a few businesses had physical sales outlets in the past, but today all of them have shifted as they find it much more efficient and convenient. As a result, the product box is used not just by large businesses but also by small businesses.

The product boxes are used to pack and secure goods for transportation or shipment due to their unique shapes. They are also used to ensure that they are kept safe from breakage while being transported.

Large companies mostly use them for product packaging purposes.

The product boxes can be made from various materials such as cardboard which is the most common material, paper or even plastic. Depending on the goods being packed and shipped, you can choose one from among them. For instance, foodstuff items might need to use a paper box.


Packaging Types

There are many ways of packaging; they may vary depending on the item to be packaged. For instance, if it is a liquid product like beverage bottles, you need to use different packing methods than the hard goods such as hardware.

Packaging principles are followed while designing these boxes, including proper cushioning and container selection.

These main types of packaging are used according to the items they contain. The following are some of the common types of packaging.

  • Tuck End Auto Bottom
  • Straight Tuck End
  • Reveres Tuck End
  • Seal End
  • Mailer
  • 2-Piece

Bubble Wrap

 It is better known for its bubble material with high strength and low puncture value. These are very light in weight, flexible, resilient, and conformable. It can also provide cushioning for handling, storing, and mailing items.

Shipping Boxes
Shipping Boxes

This is formed by folding one end over the other end then tucking it into box flaps or walls. The main benefit of this type of packaging is that it’s flexible and versatile and relatively cheaper than most other things.

Packaging Inserts

Cardboard box inserts can be used as a loose-fill, as an adhesive-based insert or configured as a custom-designed structure to meet your specific product and distribution requirements.

There are several reasons people choose to use inserts instead of using different stuff to fill blank spaces. For one, they’re very cost-effective and easy to manufacture in just about any size you might need. And since inserts are made with thin material, cardboard box inserts don’t add unnecessary weight, unlike other materials like wood or plastic.

Packaging inserts made from cardboard may not appear sturdy enough, but they are solid and durable, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of stuff. They may look flimsy but can carry a good weight in boxes if adequately designed.


Luxury Rigid Boxes for Product Packaging

 When looking for high-quality and versatile packaging boxes, the best option is to buy rigid boxes first. These are strong boxes made from high-quality materials giving your custom package a luxurious look. In addition, they are not only sturdy but also safe, protecting the items inside from bumps and scratches during shipping.

These boxes can be made in any color, design, shape, and size. Also, they have a magnetic lock system, which gives them a good hold.

Custom Window Boxes

 Window boxes are the best fit for your products if you are thinking to showcase your products to customers with a transparent plastic window patch on the box. These custom printed boxes come with see-through plastic, and your product is visible from all sides of the box. You can also print graphics on each side of this high gloss digitally printed window box. These custom window boxes look elegant and attractive for any product, whether food items or other stuff.

Where to Buy High-Quality Product Boxes?


Many people are trying to buy some product boxes, but they do not know which company is the best. They got lots of confusion while picking the best one. Many packaging companies offer discounts on every kind of custom box. Nowadays, most online shopping websites sell these high-quality printed boxes at wholesale rates.

We always recommend you choose a packaging company that can design and print under one roof. This makes the process faster and easier. In addition, they should be specialized in different print techniques like screen printing, digital printing, embossing etc.

Before buying anything, make sure to read reviews of other customers about the company. Many websites are available where people suggest or give reviews after using products.

So keep these things in mind before buying packaging boxes; you can also easily fulfill your requirements.

Display Boxes
Display Boxes

What is Wholesale Pricing on Product Boxes?

Manufacturers offer wholesale pricing, but it can vary. Make sure to find out the terms and conditions of the price list before deciding to buy boxes in bulk quantity. If the quantity of your product box is high, you will be offered a wholesale price by the company, which will cost you less than buying a small quantity.

How to Design a Box?

We have made it easy for you to understand the scenario of designing a box. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: You need to determine your packaging needs first; here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before designing your box, what type of product do I want to package? What size and shape will my product take?

Step 2: Create artwork for your boxes, and determine what your product packaging box will look like. You can even get a sample designed just for you.

Step 3: Once your design is ready, you need to check that it has all the required information uploaded on the label, such as barcode and lot number, etc.

Step 4: Create a print-ready PDF file to ensure everything is perfect.

Step 5: If everything is perfect, go to your packaging provider and ask them to create your boxes.

Other than printing the boxes, some providers will even help you design your packaging so it can be unique to your product. Be sure to find out more about what they offer and if it fits into your production deadlines.



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