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The Different Types of Tanzania Safari Packages based on a different season

Tanzania safari packages are enjoyable if you are planning to travel. You can find the best packages based on a different season

Tanzania is easily deemed large enough to accommodate contrasting cultures, from Swahili maritime history to the timeless lifestyle of nomadic herders. The respectful interactions with tribes like the Maasai offer insights into ways of life that may seem very removed from your own but still contain lessons for us all.

The immense game reserves and national parks are its biggest drawcard and provide the settings for Tanzania’s best safari experiences. While renowned reserves like the Serengeti get much of the attention, there have been reports of ample opportunities to head off the map and discover some of our planet’s lonelier corners.

It is known that sharing may be caring, but it can also be rather wonderful when you don’t have to, and the world around you does.

Tanzania is the place known to be the safari capital of the world. Along with getting the lion’s share of the Great Wildebeest Migration, it is also known to be the home to masses of the game that don’t migrate.

Tanzania safari packages
Tanzania safari packages

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Apart from that, the best Tanzania safari experiences are among Africa’s best safari experiences, including discovering humanity’s origins, meeting chimpanzees, and even sleeping in a luxury treehouse. These various Tanzania safari packages, however, differ from the difference in tourist and seasonal changes.

Calving Season: January to March

The Calving Season in Tanzania is considered between January and February. At this time, the  Migration will occur at Southern Serengeti and Ndutu Area within Ngorongoro Conservation Area in large numbers. While if you are being on safaris this season, you will have the experience of looking live babies for wildebeest and zebras with your own eyes.

Sometimes, The exact timing might be challenging during your travel,  but you can plan to the best time is between mid-January to late February. This season attracts many tourists, and hence the Tanzania safari packages are designed to fit the traffic flow.

Rain or Wet Season: Mid-March to May

Heavy rains are expected in Tanzania between March and May. Most tourists and travelers try to avoid this time because it is the heavy rainy season and without realizing that all major professional photographers from companies like National Geographic and Discovery choose the rainy season to film their stories.

This is that time in the tourist season when the natural habitat is at its most colourful. The grass is lush green and, more interesting is that there will be fewer groups choosing any form of Tanzania safari packages during this rainy season. As a result, it has been reported as the best time to get top-notch photos.

However, there had been advantages of travelling during the wet season: low cost for the accommodation and safaris packages. For travel and tour accommodations, this season is considered as one of the main factors that contribute to high pricing. But during the low/wet season, rates go down, making it possible to save all of the money in the budget and enjoy the comfortability of the best accommodation.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of visiting the wet season are poor road conditions and visibility might not be so good for the tourists.

High or Peak Season: June to October

If the main interest of the tourists or travellers is to see the Great Migration at Grumeti and Mara River crossing, this is the best time to pay a visit to Tanzania. The Tanzania safari packages between June and October offer an amazing view of migratory herds of millions of wildebeest, zebra, and other antelope species in Serengeti National Park.

During this season the parks become crowded with many tourists and hence the rates go high up. According to the normal rule of law for all markets “when the demand for the product increases, the price increases too”. It’s this time when accommodation and safari operators charge goes high as well.

Depending on your budget during this season, you can choose to book accommodation at Basic Camping, Mid- Range or Luxury lodges and Tented Camps.

Shoulder Season: November and December

Time in November to December, it’s a shorter rainy season in Tanzania around. A shoulder-season safari in Tanzania might get hot, but with little rains, the climate is well balanced.

In November, the wildebeest herds start migrating again, heading south, through the western part of Loliondo and the Serengeti National Park’s Lobo area, then returning to the soft green shoots. The season will be quiet with few tourists that make it best for taking memorable photos and experiences.

The above mentioned Tanzania safari packages regarding the different seasonal changes and the flow of tourists enable a better understanding of the proper time to visit great Tanzania to explore.








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