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Graco Pump: Easy Steps to Swap with a Replacement


Graco Pump is known as the heart of the sprayer.  It is the pump that makes spray painting possible with the airless sprayer. There are various varieties of airless pumps, but the two most prevalent are piston and diaphragm. There comes a time when you need to replace the pump. At first, you have to buy the correct Graco replacement pump and then remove the already installed pump from the sprayer. Once you have removed the previous one, you can install the new one. For beginners, it is not easy if they have no knowledge about it. That’s why in this blog we will explain a step-by-step guide to replacing the pump.

Understanding The Graco Sprayer Replacement Pump

There has recently been some discussion concerning the many types of paint sprayer pumps available on the market, especially because this is the most critical component of a sprayer. The complete machine is frequently referred to as “the pump” by contractors. Pumps for airless sprayers are classified into two types: diaphragm and piston.

To generate the high pressure necessary to atomize paints and other sprayable materials, airless pumps are frequently made of hardened, heavy-duty steel. 

Some fluid sections, such as Graco’s Endurance Pumps, include additional features, such as a Chromex Rod for prolonged wear. V-Max packings are also used in current Graco Endurance Pumps for a greater lifetime.  As a result, you have an infinite number of Graco replacement pump alternatives.

Important Things To Be Noted Before Pump Replacement

Before beginning Graco Pump Replacement, you must know these important tips so that your sprayer works efficiently after the replacement.

  1. When the sprayer is stopped, always activate the trigger lock to prevent the gun from being accidentally triggered by hand or if dropped or bumped. 
  2. The pump will be irreversibly damaged if the pump locking device is removed or the gear is spun before installation. 
  3. If you crank or spin the pump gear, you will permanently ruin the pump.
  4. Do not fully insert the outlet valve into the front valve. When the outlet valve is pushed all the way into the front valve, the sprayer performs poorly.

Step-by-Step Guide To Swap Out Your Graco Pump with a Replacement

It is very easy to replace a Graco pump. Here is the step-by-step guidance to ensure perfect replacement. You will face no difficulty if you follow these steps. 

  1. Removing the Installed Pump

  1. Pump removal consists of disconnecting the fluid intake and output as well when removing the pump.
  2. Loosen the pump holding nut using a hammer. Turn the pump retaining nut to release the pump rod cover.  
  3. Open the pump rod cover by swinging it open. Disconnect the pump’s outlet and suction hoses. 
  4. The pump should be slid out of the drive housing.
  1. Installing The New Pump

  1. Pump installation includes fastening the pump as well as connecting it to the fluid input and exit. 
  2. Connect the output hose to the pump. When the pump is put into the drive housing, move the pump displacement rod up or down until it slips into the connecting rod. Insert the pump all the way into the drive housing. 
  3. Remove the pump rod cover. 
  4. Check that it is flush with the drive housing.  Tighten the pump retaining nut with both hands. 
  5. Turn the pump retaining nut an additional 1/8 to 1/6th turn, or 45° to 60°, with a hammer. A suction hose should be installed.
  6. And the pump is installed.

Is Your Sprayer In Need Of A Pump Replacement?

  1. Unusual Sound

When the pump no longer has the same capacity as once, you will hear odd sounds while spraying. This strange noise might be caused by the pump’s extra effort to function properly. 

  1. Pressure Reduction

The pump allows the spray to be released at the desired pressure. However, if the pump fails, the pressure will drop on its own.

  1. Not Good Spray Pattern

When the pump does not work properly and the pressure is not accurate. Then the droplets coming out will not come at the required speed. So the spray pattern will not be precise. It will consequently give abrupt results. 

  1. Spray Performance Has Been Reduced

When you’re spraying, you realize that the sprayer isn’t operating as well as it used to. The performance has significantly deteriorated. The spray pattern may look imperfect. The pressure may be inaccurate. If the pump isn’t operating correctly, the droplet size may suffer as well. 


In conclusion, The pump is regarded as the sprayer’s heart.  The pump is what allows spray painting with an airless sprayer to be feasible. There are several types of airless pumps, but the two most common are piston and diaphragm. The pump will eventually need to be replaced. You must first purchase the right Graco replacement pump and then remove the previously installed pump from the sprayer. In this blog complete step by step guide to perfectly replace the Graco pump.

But before the Graco replacement, you must avoid risking your sprayer. For keeping your sprayer working perfectly you must be familiar with all the pros and cons. That’s why we have provided the whole points for it. Sometimes we don’t know that we need Graco pump replacement. There are a few signs and symptoms that tell that the pump needs to be replaced. Enjoying your spray painting projects with the best performing Graco sprayers. 



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