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Spiral Staircases: A Buyer’s Guide!

Spiral staircases can be a beautiful addition to your home but you need to make sure you buy one that is durable and safe. You should be able to see that the parts are well made and durable before you buy.

Are you looking to install a customized staircase that can elevate the overall aesthetics of your home in Vancouver? Consider installing a spiral staircase into your home! A spiral staircase paired with an elegant and graceful curved staircase railing design guarantees to give a sense of classic style and beauty to your home.

Spiral staircases can add sophistication to your home or apartment if you have the right setting and space. These staircases are undoubtedly a perfect fit for homes having small living spaces and open floor plans. Still, wondering whether to install a spiral staircase at your home?

Here in this blog, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions associated with curved staircases. So, without any ado, let’s get started with the powerful reasons to incorporate spiral staircases in Vancouver homes.

Why You Should Install Spiral Staircases?

Since curved staircases make living spaces look extremely stunning, it’s often found in grand and designer homes across the globe. Moving further, here are some of the most common reasons to install a curved staircase.

  • Grand Appearance: Installing a customized spiral staircase at the entrance of your home can leave lasting first impressions on your friends and relatives. Moreover, most spiral staircases take less space to be placed, making the entrance areas look larger. They add a bold design statement to both houses and small apartments. They combine functionality with style, offering a different perspective on the surrounding space.
  • Easy Installation: Unlike conventional stairs, curved staircases are easier and quicker to install. Usually, most spiral staircases come with a ready-to-assemble kit and step-by-step instructions to install the staircase. Some manufacturers even deliver pdf or video presentations of the installation process along with the staircase products to make the setting procedure more convenient and easier.
  • Customizable: You don’t need to have a classically designed home to install curved staircases and stair railings in Vancouver. Rather, you can simply choose a customized design and a desirable type of finish to give your home a modern or traditional look.
  • Increases Property Value: Due to their myriad variations in design and ability to improve the aesthetic appearance of homes or apartments, spiral staircases are highly appreciated by almost all homeowners, architects, and interior designers in Vancouver. Such staircases add value to the property and thus, they are considered positive selling points.

This spiral staircase is designed for a single person to use, but it has been designed to be adaptable to many different purposes. Now that you know the powerful reasons to install a spiral staircase, let’s find out if it’s really a safe choice for homes.

Are Spiral Staircases Safe to Install at Homes?

For centuries, spiral staircases have been regarded as a space-saving solution to access an upper floor. They are generally installed in homes having insufficient space to place conventional stairways. However, are curved staircases safe to use? Well, spiral stairways are safe to use, especially for small kids and elderly people. Because if you fall on a spiral staircase, you are much less likely to fall all the way down to the floor. The curve of the stairs acts as a barrier and breaks the fall.

Moreover, you can get custom-built curved staircases with stair railings in Vancouver depending on who will be using the flight, how heavy will be the foot traffic, or what material would you prefer. One of the most essential elements that can ensure the safety of your curved staircase is the stair railing. Moving further, let’s have a look at the different types of materials used for stair railings.


What are the types of materials used for stair railings?

Stair railings are an important part of curved staircases as they prevent falls and injuries to considerable levels. Not only that but, handrails or stair railings can also impact the appearance of the staircase. Today, the market is overloaded with a series of stair railing designs and materials. However, be mindful to choose a curved staircase railing design that can complement the decor of your home.

Stair railings are made up of a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, wrought iron, and wood. While metallic stair railings are popular choices for commercial and industrial settings, wooden stair railings provide a classic appearance to contemporary settings.

Also, there are different designs of stair railings that you can avail of these days. These include picket stair railing, multi-line stair railing, cable stair railing, wire mesh infill stair railing, and panel stair railing.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the reasons to install curved staircases in your residential or commercial establishments. As already discussed, spiral staircases can add a style statement to your home if paired with an elegant curved staircase railing design like panel stair railing or cable stair railing. Apart from elevating the aesthetics of your home, curved staircases can actually be more comfortable to climb.





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