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Smart Ideas to Design and Organize Your Kids’ Closet

Organizing and designing kids’ closets probably doesn’t seem exciting at all. Especially if you have small children and tons of small clothes to go through.

But kids’ closets can also look clean and organized, so don’t give up on that idea yet.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas on how to design and organize your kids’ closet, don’t worry.

We made a long list of smart ideas that will help you come up with a game plan. So, without further ado, here tips and ideas you were looking for.

1.  Plan the storage space

When trying to come up with a storage plan, remember that kid’s closet spaces don’t have to be any different than adult closets. What this means is that you should start by taking everything out of the closet and making piles. A pile of outgrown clothes and shoes and unused toys should be donated or recycled. The rest is what you’ll keep.

Once you know what you’ll be keeping, you can start organizing and thinking about ways to make things accessible to your kids.

2.  Paint or wallpaper

Once you have done going through the closet and making piles, clean the closet. If you need to, give it a fresh coat of paint. If the closet is really small, stick to the light and bright colors. And if you have a larger closet, you can experiment with bold, vibrant colors.

You can even go a step further and add wallpaper on the closest walls to make it more interesting and kid-friendly. Bold colors and fun patterns are the way to go.

This way you’ll be taking the focus off the clothes, toys, and other accessories in the closet.

3.  Invest in built-ins

A great idea, if you have the budget, would be investing in built-ins. Built-in storage systems are great for keeping your kid’s closet organized, plus they also reduce visual clutter.

Closet systems and kits come in many different shapes and forms. This means that no matter how small or narrow your kid’s closet is, you’ll be able to find something that fits in. You can choose systems that have more racks or more shelves. Also, some systems come with drawers and shoe racks. Ultimately, the kind of system you choose is up to you.

4.  Custom closet option

Yet another pretty expensive option is custom closet storage. If the money is not a problem, you can design your kid’s closet storage. This implies hiring a professional designer and having them give you storage ideas that can fit the closet space.

The great thing about this closet option is that you’ll be able to maximize the space with custom built-in storage. No more empty or unused corners.

The other benefit is personalization. With custom closet storage, you can add as much personality to your kid’s closet as you want. You can make it colorful, unique, and as fun as you want.

5.  Add hanging bars

Sometimes the best closet solution is more hanging bars. For all moms who prefer to hang their kids’ clothes instead of folding them, consider installing hanging bars.

More hanging bars can easily be added to any closet space. You can add two to three bars above each other. The lowest bar can be pretty convenient for kids.

The amazing thing about hanging bars is that they can fit a pretty good amount of clothing. All you need are good clothes and coat hangers and the rest is no problem. Hanging clothes this way is a lot more organized and visually appealing than you may think. Especially if you decide to color-coordinate the closet.

6.  Make the most of top shelf

Most closets have that pretty basic top shelf that is usually left underutilized or just randomly used, But, you can make the most of it. If you invest in some quirky containers or baskets, you can store quite a bit of items in there.

You can store things that you don’t want kids to reach or it can be a pretty great toy storage.

In case you don’t have this shelf, you can easily add it. It will help you maximize the vertical space in the closet. You can add two shelves if you have space.

7.  Make it more accessible

If your kids’ closet space is big enough, the size of a walk-in closet, you can make it easily accessible. What this means is that instead of just randomly stuffing the closet with clothes and accessories, you can make it even more organized.

Enough closet space allows you to organize your kids’ clothes into outfits and store them like that. This way, you’ll always have outfits ready for whatever occasion.

8.  Clothes and toy storage

Once again, if the closet space is big enough, you can transform it into more than just clothes storage. With enough space, all your kid’s toys can fit into that space. This way, you’ll have a place to put away toys and make the room cleaner and more


The floor space of the closet is ideal space for storage boxes where you can put away different types of toys. From bulky stuffed animals to small Lego pieces, everything will be stored away in one spot.

9.  Keep it neatly organized

Keeping the kids’ closet organized is more for you than for them, especially if they are really small. You can organize everything, keep it color-coordinated, and you can even add labels if you need to.

As your kids grow up, they will figure out the difference between clothing items and they will also learn to appreciate organization. But for right now, the organization of the closet is solely for you, to make finding things easier.

10.  Get your kids involved

No matter how big or small your kids are, involving them in the whole closet organization and design process can be a great idea. You might be surprised by how willing they will be to give you a hand. This can be a great way to spend time with them and teach them new skills.

When doing this, ask them their opinions about where and how they want to store the items. Allow them to choose bins and containers for the closet, simply encourage them to get involved in the process.

Bottom Line

Even though it seems daunting, kids’ closet organization is not complicated at all. Moreover, it’s not much different than organizing your closet. The most difficult part is starting. But once you start, the ideas will come alone.



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