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11 Amazing Small kitchen designs in Indian style

Every home is unique and has different needs. This is especially true for Indian homes where every room serves a specific purpose, such as the kitchen. Historically speaking, Indian kitchens were built with clay or wood, but now they are very often made of metal and other modern materials.

When designing your own kitchen you should consider what kind of space you have to work with and how much storage space you will need.

Once that’s figured out then it’s time to decorate! You can seek kitchen designs near me.  Here we’ll look at some small Indian style kitchen design ideas that can help inspire your new cooking area.

What is Indian style kitchen design?

Before we explore these small kitchen designs in Indian style. Let’s define exactly what an Indian kitchen design is. The term “Indian” refers to any number of related styles, including Gujarati, Rajasthani, and Maharashtrian.

In terms of decorating a space, the goal is to bring as much color as possible into a room without making it feel bulky. The more you can incorporate different colors, patterns, and textures the better.

This style is all about creating a mood and letting it permeate throughout the room. To get the best results it’s important to start with your color palette. This can be done by choosing a dominant hue and building around that.

11 Small kitchen designs in Indian style 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your small kitchen design Indian style you’ve come to the right place. Bright colors, earthy tones, and interesting décor are all essential elements in this type of kitchen. So let’s get started.

  1. Smart use of space

Small Indian style kitchen design ideas are all about how the room is organized and what features you can highlight to make it feel bigger. For example, if you have a small kitchen try hanging your pots overhead rather than putting them in cabinets or on shelves.

Not only does this free up valuable countertop space but it also gives the room a higher-end look. The same can be done with spices if you don’t have room for them on your countertops. Consider putting them in cupboards or on shelves that are slightly out of reach, this will make the space feel larger while also making it more functional.

  1. Open layout

The key to making a small space look larger is by opening it up to areas beyond the kitchen. You can do this by putting in glass doors to separate the living room from the kitchen. This will allow light to pass through both rooms so it feels like you have more room. Make sure that when you’re designing your small Indian-style kitchen that your furniture is open and airy, you want people to feel welcome in your home!

  1. Bright décor

One way to help open up a small Indian style kitchen is to add bright coloring and patterns on the wall. You want the walls to feel nice and large so that they don’t appear to be closing in around you. If there isn’t any natural lighting coming in through your windows, consider painting the walls a sunny yellow-orange or a bright red. These colors will make your small Indian-style kitchen feel bigger and warmer at the same time.

  1. Smart lighting

Lighting is very important in a small space, particularly one that is designed in the Indian style. You must be sure to provide enough light for every area of your kitchen so that you can still see what you’re doing even though everything is small and condensed. A great way to do this is by installing recessed lighting in the area above your countertops so it shines on where ever you need it. You can also consider putting lights under cabinets or on top of shelves so if they are out of the way, they don’t take up any space at all.

  1. An open floor plan

The best way to design a small kitchen is to turn it into as much of an open space as possible. If you have cabinets that separate the sink from the stove, consider leaving them out and just putting in a bar where people can sit and eat if they want to. This will make your living space look bigger and also give it a more modern, fresh feel.

  1. Kitchen cabinet paint color ideas

Kitchen cabinets can be a headache, especially if you’re working with a small kitchen design. The most important thing to remember is that it’s better to have less storage space and a beautiful room than an overloaded cupboard that makes your living area look messy. Some great Indian style kitchen cabinet paint colors include bright reds, mustard yellows, and even something like black to add some drama!

  1. Natural lighting

Many kitchens lack natural lighting so it’s important to figure out other ways to bring it in. If you have a window that doesn’t let much light in, you can use frosted glass to cover it so the room isn’t completely dark. If there is a lot of natural lighting coming from outside, be sure to take advantage of it by adding potted plants and flowers on your windowsill so they grow towards the sun.

  1. Use what you have

The best way to make a small Indian style kitchen look bigger is by adding in extra features that you already have. For example, say your cabinets are the same color as your walls and aren’t very attractive? You can use paint or wallpaper to cover them up!

Also consider using curtains on your windows instead of drapes to make your window look bigger and more open.

  1. Metal tile

Another way to make your small Indian-style kitchen feel more luxurious is by using metal tile. Whether it’s on your walls or the floor, metallic tiles are always in style and they give off a very high-end vibe that you’re looking for. For this reason, they can also help open up smaller spaces which makes them great for use in Indian-style kitchens. Easily find kitchen designs near me with your friends and else

  1. Shelving and floating cabinets

Shelving is not only a great way to open up your space but it also looks modern and stylish. It’s okay if you don’t have countertop space for appliances or dishes, just install some shelves that you can use instead. You can also hang cups, plates and other kitchen utensils on the wall for even more storage space. Floating cabinets are another great way to have plenty of storage without taking up any floor space.

  1. Wood floors

Wood is a very popular choice for small kitchen design Indian style because it looks luxurious but also compliments the traditional feel. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use it in the kitchen if you want that modern feel, but it works best in the living and dining areas. Some great Indian style wood flooring colors include caramel and chocolate browns which give off a very earthy tone.


A kitchen is a room that brings family and friends together. In Indian culture, kitchens are often used as an open living space where people socialize while cooking or eating at the table.  When you re in a dilemma you can search kitchen designs near me on google to get the companies and beautiful designs.

Here we’ve collected some of the great small kitchen designs in India style for you to use as inspiration when redesigning your own home.




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