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9 Bad Sleep Impact on health & 7 Tips for sleep hygiene

Do you know you can have a bad sleep impact on health? If you don’t sleep well in your life. Tips for sleep hygiene can overcome this problem.   Lifestyle behaviors and activities of daily life affect the way we sleep. For a long lack of sleep, it can turn into an automatic vicious cycle which then affects our daily activities.

Nowadays an individual is going through a lot of hectic schedules, undesirable stress and anxiety, and changes in eating habits can cause a major change in the sleeping patterns. Thus, making an individual deprived of good sleep. Lack of physical exercise and yoga training also causes a lack of normal sleep.

The mind influences our body’s immune system. In other words, our immune system maintains our health, and our mind and mental state can alter it. This mental state can be altered by having a lack of normal sleep.

Bad Sleep Impact on health Tips for sleep hygiene
Bad Sleep Impact on health Tips for sleep hygiene

Lack of sleep can cause a lot of health problems as  . we go here for the sleep impact on health due to bad sleep and know the tips for sleep hygiene to make better sleep..

Bad Sleep Impact on health

1. Mental Effects

First and foremost, that can have a mental effect can make a person feel anxious, depressed, and tired. When there is less sleep, the mental status of a person is not good. the person always get depressive moods and can do the regular activities causing the different sort of mental effects

2. Pain Sensitivity

Sleep deprivation leaves people more sensitive to pain. There are a lot of studies indicate that a person with normal sleep habits or extended sleep has reduced levels of pain sensitivity than the one with poor sleep.

3. Affect Emotional Empathy

Asleep deprivation can affect emotional empathy like anger or sadness. Less sleep doesn’t make your mind healthy at all. You may become depressed always.  You will not have the mood to do work. This is also bad sleep impact on health.

4. Affect Work Performance

It can affect their work performance. Your daily activity and work would be hampered if you have sleep blackness. The overall activities would be decreased. So, adequate sleep is necessary.

5. Effect on Blood Pressure

Lack of sleep can have an effect on blood pressure. when you are not sleeping well, the blood vessels are constricted causing an increase in blood pressure which eventually impacts heart health.

6. Headaches Problems

When you sleep less, your health is not so much good. It can cause many physical and health problems. It also can cause headaches.  and people with migraines might have lots of problems with headaches. If they are lack sleep there can be severe headaches.

7. Increase in Obesity

Lack of sleep contributes to unhealthy obesity. A person who is having less sleep or poor sleep of fewer than 6 hours is likely to get obesity or weight gain. This is common sleep impact on health is central obesity.

8. Increases Cardiovascular disease

Lack of sleep increases the risk of various cardiovascular diseases. When you have less sleep there will be Increased blood pressure due to tiredness or stress. This is one of the major risk factors for heart diseases.

9. Increase Heartburn

Lack of sleep can cause anxiety which promotes the secretion of gastric acid in the stomach.This resutl cause gastritis.  You many need to find Tips to Remedy Heartburn due to this problem

7 Tips for Sleep Hygiene

An individual can perform or undergo things that can be taken to get better sleep. Sleep health is important for both physical and mental health. Lack of sleep has a bad impact on health for all.

Tips for sleep hygiene
Tips for sleep hygiene

Follow these eight tips for sleep hygiene should be maintained.

1. Go to Bed Early

The first thing for Tips for sleep hygiene is that a person can do is to start going to bed at the same time every night and that includes the weekends. Going to bed early can make you deep sleep which can get you adequate sleep. Going early to bed makes the complete sleeping hours and it will be easy to wake up early as well.

2. Modify LifeStyle

Eliminating lifestyle factors that may be a problem with sleep and would include things like drinking Caffeine before going to sleep, watching television, or playing video games before going to bed.

3. Use a good and clean bed sheet and mattress

Checking a mattress to make sure poor mattress quality isn’t an issue having some kind of sleep problems. Sometimes the dirty and untidy bedsheets can hamper your sleep. So, maintain a clean bed sheet before sleeping. This can have a good sleep impact on health

4. Read books in bed before going to bed

Before going to bed,  reading a few pages out of a book sleeping in the same bed or the same room every night makes good sleep. But keep in mind that you should not read a novel or other stories that can make you awake the whole night. This can disturb your sleep.

5. Do Regular Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise and yoga training can be helpful tips for sleep hygiene. These regular exercises make the body fit and free from stress by making good blood circulation in your body. Regular exercise demands to get rest for the body and help in making the good sleep for you.

6. Take Healthy Diet before sleep

A healthy diet is also very helpful for your good sleep.  Avoid the intake of foods with high carbohydrates and fats, food with high sugar content, and processed food should be reduced at night time. Fruits and light diets are good for healthy sleep.

7. Avoid caffeine Diet

Avoid caffeine diet late at night. It stimulates the central nervous system and stops the mind from relaxing. Also, it avoids sleeping and keeps you awake always.

When to see a doctor for Sleep Problems?

if you have a sleep problem, you want to overcome this problem you should follow the above Tips for sleep hygiene. By following these, if you are not having the good sleep then it’s better to see a physician would be a good idea to further evaluate the cause of poor sleep.

There are be many conditions and reasons that can have sleep problems. Need to find out this problem and get rid of sleep impact on health. One of the major causes of sleep problems is Apnea in many people. Let’s discuss it.

The sleep study can often be helpful not only in just diagnosing sleep but also in diagnosing other problems with sleep which would include restless legs and problems like a patient fails conservative care or if they are having symptoms of sleep apnea. you should know what is sleep apnea and tips for sleep apnea to get rid of it.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition whereby a patient is not getting proper airflow at night so they are asleep but they are not getting into a restful deep sleep because most of the time an airflow problem in the nose or in the back of the throat and so when a person had an airflow problem they are not quite getting as much oxygen as they need which can lead to not only poor sleep or the sleep that is not restful.

Risks Factors of Sleep Apnea

Being overweight is certainly, a risk factor, and that weight can add body fat to the neck and the body in general and so when a person has weight issues can have the problem of airflow problem also.

Symptoms of Sleep apnea

This can also lead to a variety of symptoms including excessive tiredness during the day, headaches, high blood pressure in some cases weight gain, etc.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea

There are few solutions to recover from this. The most common solution is to get set up for a device that can help with airflow delivery and that is called CPAP.

This is a kind of mask a person might wear at night when they sleep and that will help with giving them positive airflow which most of the time provides a large benefit in symptoms.

sleep apnea mouth guard and the nasal device can also be one of the options for the treatment of sleep apnea at home. You can put this guard on while sleeping.

sleep apnea pillow can also be an option for it. You can find this type of pillow in the market which is specially designed for it.

The other option would be surgery to remove the tonsils to provide better airflow.


Sleep impact on health can be dangerous for all. So proper sleep is necessary for all to keep ourselves healthy. Mental and physical health are necessary for us. Avoid these above impacts on health due to improper sleep problems and have these Tips for sleep hygiene, which will surely help your sleep health.

Sleep apnea is one of the conditions that can hamper sleep hygiene. The use of a sleep apnea mouth guard or nose device can get rid of this also. You may also find a sleep apnea pillow that can also solve problems to some extent. If not then need to see the doctor find out the actual cause



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