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What are the Risk Factor for COPD ? [What’s COPD]

Going 40 Years of age needs to be aware of a risk factor for COPD which might be preventable to some extent.
When you are growing old, you might also have this airway disease called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
A person with a long time smoking is most likely to develop this condition however there are other factors for developing this disease.
Risk factor for COPD
Risk factor for COPD
we are exploring the COPD risk factor that you should know in advance

Risk Factor for COPD

1. Smoking and Smokers

The main cause of COPD in older age is smoking. Most of the  COPD cases are due to cigarette smoking for a long time period.  Exposure to cigarette and tobacco smoke for a long time is dangerous. The longer and more you smoke,  you are more risk of developing COPD.

In the same way, secondary smokers are also at risk.  According to the American Lung Association (ALA), smoking causes up to 90 percent of COPD deaths and many pieces of research suggest that the person who is exposed to secondary smoke chronically may have an increased risk of developing COPD even though they don’t smoke too.

Secondary smoke or Secondhand smoke includes the smoke from different sources like smoke from burning tobacco,  smoke exhaled by the neighbor smokers.

But it is not that all active and passive smokers develop COPD. Likewise, the risk factor for COPD could be the environment or the genetic causes also.

2. Gene Factors

Some People with COPD can be due to gene factors too. One type of emphysema has a genetic component and they are most common in people from northern Europe. These people have a deficiency of alpha 1 protease inhibitor (alpha1 antitrypsin-ATT). People with this defect can have early COPD.

3. Age Factor

Age is also one of the risk factors for COPD. As growing age, you are more likely to develop COPD.  This age factor is also related to the number of cigarettes smoked and the time of years as of smoking which is also called pack-year.

The more pack-year, the more chances of COPD likely to occur with growing older age.

4. Medical Conditions

There are different medical conditions that also enhance COPD in older age. Those people who had frequent childhood lung infections are most likely prone to an increased risk of developing COPD.

5. Gender

COPD is more common in men than in women comparatively. However, there is a higher rate of this disease in smoking men.  The number of COPD death in women are increasing with those with a history of smoking history.

6. Environmental and  Pollutants Exposure

Chronic exposure to dust, gases, chemicals, and biomass fuels increases the developing COPD in both men and women population. Smoke from burning wood, charcoal, and crop residue for a long time can also have COPD and the person exposed to these pollutants can also worsen symptoms of the disease.

7. Air pollution

Air Pollution is also one risk factor for COPD.  Exposure to the pollutants contained in the air for a prolonged time can cause this condition as well.

Two types of pollutants are there: One is an indoor air pollutant and the next is an outdoor air pollutant.

Indoor pollutants include includes the smoke of solid fuel which are used for cooking and heating while outdoor pollutants are pollutant from the outside environment.  Poorly ventilated wood stoves, burning biomass or coal, or cooking with fire are the indoor pollution whereas the road traffics, dust and smoke are the outdoor ones.

8. Occupational  chemicals

Industrial dust, chemicals, and gases are also responsible for COPD development in a person. The chemicals from these industries act as irritants for the airways and lungs thus they get inflamed causing bronchitis and emphysema and thus lately it will cause this airway disease forever.

In the same way, the People exposed to dust and chemical vapors in coal mining, grain, and metal molders, have a greater risk factor for COPD to develop.

What’s COPD?

COPD or chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease is most common among the old-aged person who is more exposed to allergens and smokers. It is a preventable and treatable disease of the lung airways.
There will be limitations or compromised airways due to an increase in inflammation of the airway and air sac of the lung.
Whats COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Whats COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
The person with COPD will have chronic bronchitis( inflammation of the medium airways (bronchus) and Ephyshema ( swelling of the air sac or bronchioles). so this disease is also called a small airway disease.

COPD Sign and Symptoms

The most common sign and symptoms of COPD include the continuous cough with or without mucus and they get worsen during activities.
There will be shortness of breath with chest tightness and heaviness which later cause a lack of oxygen and the need for extra oxygen to breathe. This need for oxygen support is due to the dysfunction of air sacs in the lung.  Air sacs in the lungs are responsible for the exchange of air ( carbon dioxide and oxygen )
These COPD people will have less energy to perform the work and may have frequent chest infections too.
Besides, there are other COPD signs and Symptoms too which can be considered as dangerous signs like cyanosis(bluish coloration ) of lips and fingertips, increasing heartbeat, getting confused, and memory loss.

Conclusion :

Keeping away yourself from the Risk factor of COPD  will prevent it in older ages. Hope you got to know about What’s COPD as well.

Once you have this condition,  then nothing can be done, and just need to prevent the COPD sign and symptoms is the treatment option




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