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Paper or digital shopping vouchers?

Need to choose the Paper or digital shopping vouchers? Know some great gift ideas. Learn and get benefits to yourself.

Why choose?

One of the most versatile gift ideas for companies looking for solutions to reward collaborators, customers, and partners is certainly the voucher.

Offering the possibility to choose how and where to use the voucher helps to achieve the goal of satisfying those who receive the gift, essential for motivation in the company, to retain customers and make business partners feel appreciated.

As with all corporate gifts, there are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing shopping vouchers, in this article we focus in particular on the format: paper and digital.

Paper or digital shopping vouchers
Paper or digital shopping vouchers

What are shopping vouchers?

The shopping voucher (or purchase voucher) is a security with a predetermined value, a voucher that can be used for a product or service at a wide range of affiliated shops and online stores.

Here are the topics we will address on this page; you can click the one that interests you the most from the list to immediately go to the dedicated paragraph!

What is the difference between a shopping voucher and a discount voucher?

First of all, it is necessary to make a small premise on the difference between purchase/gift/shopping vouchers and discount vouchers.

If, as mentioned above, the shopping voucher is a voucher with a predetermined value, the bershka promo code is a promotional code that gives access to an exclusive offer, a discount, a refund on the next purchase, or a gift. against an expense.

Because shopping vouchers can satisfy every desire

As we have seen, discount coupons are linked to a specific store or to a brand that offers them to attract new customers or retain historical ones.

Some gift vouchers are much more versatile for beneficiaries because they can be used in the most diverse sectors, from large distribution to entertainment, from electronics to travel, to fuel expenditure.

Another feature much appreciated by those who receive a voucher is the fact of not being obliged to incur an additional expense, which instead happens in the case of the discount voucher or gift box.

Let’s now move on to the format of the shopping vouchers, with an analysis of the preferences between paper and digital.

Paper or digital? The preferences of Italians

Italian eCommerce is growing, but to understand the preference of recipients of corporate gifts between the traditional point of sale and online store, it is important to analyze the trend in detail.

Idealo carried out a survey to trace the profile of digital consumers from which some interesting data emerged.

The first number to highlight concerns the male gender which with 61.3% is in clear majority compared to the female one for online purchases.

With regard to age, the identikit of the digital user that emerged from the Idealo survey describes a man, in fact, between 35 and 44 years old.

One might think, therefore, that if the company population is mainly composed of men in that age group, it is preferable to give digital shopping vouchers to be used on the eCommerce sites of the most prestigious brands.

However, the geographical area also has its weight, because the further away you get from the big cities (Milan and Rome above all) the more sporadic online purchases become.

Finally, what are the most purchased items online?

The culture and entertainment sectors (with books and media) are preferred by 65% ​​of the sample interviewed, as are electronic purchases and followed by 64% by clothing.

How have the preferences of Italian collaborators changed with the pandemic?

With the health emergency, digital transformation has undergone a strong acceleration at all levels, both organizational in companies – which in many cases have adopted smart working – and in domestic spending habits.

In a context characterized by constant changes, the gift voucher has proved to be the ideal solution, due to its ability to align with an agile corporate culture.

In this article, we read how the shopping voucher represents the most desired corporate benefit by remote collaborators, precisely because it guarantees safety and freedom with respect to use.

Even in the delicate restart phase, with vouchers, companies have the opportunity to show gratitude and support the purchasing power of their collaborators with an effective, practical tool that will certainly be appreciated.

Why give a gift? All occasions to reward collaborators

For a company, dedicating a thought to collaborators is an extremely effective way to increase motivation, improving the sense of belonging and increasing performance.

The occasion of the Christmas holidays is not the only time to reward with a shopping voucher. The 2016 and 2017 Stability Law establishes that collaborators (private employees with a RAL of up to € 80,000 up to the maximum amount of the bonus of € 3,000) can choose whether to receive their productivity bonus in cash or benefits.

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