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Nepal Government Nagarik App becomes Viral | Download Freely

“Nagarik App” is the  Nagarik Application for Nepalese Citizen become viral Nepali software in a short span of time. This app was recently launched by Nepal’s MoCIT (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) as a beta version of a First Nepal e-governance app under the government’s Digital Nepal Framework project.

It has been found that more than two lakhs have already downloaded the app on Android till today’s date from the google play store. According to the National Information Technology Center of Nepal, more than 40,000 users have already downloaded the app. The download is increasing day by day.

Nepal Government Nagarik App becomes Viral Download Freely
Nepal Government Nagarik App becomes Viral Download Freely

What is Nagarik App?

“Nagarik app” is a “Citizen App” that was launched by the Nepal government for e-governance in Nepal.  Nagarik is a Nepali word that means Citizen in English.

Regarding the making of this app, the Nepal government had been working on this app for the last three years.

The app has been launched by Nepal Government with a major aim to provide all government-related services through a single online platform.

As this app is a beta version, it will provide only around 50 percent of government services currently.

Why is Nagarik App?

This app has been launched in order to deliver the Nepal government services online to make it the people easy to do different works effectively.

It is expected that this app will integrate all of the government services using the e-governance platform.

The  slogan for the app is ‘Support for Communication and Information Technology, Government Service at Hand’,

The app is expected to end the hassles faced by Nepali citizens while taking different services like citizenship, passport, company registration, and academic certificates.

How to register in the Nagarik app by yourself?

After downloading on your mobile, You can easily register in Nagarik App. The main thing is that you should have a SIM in your own name.

You must have your own  Ncell or NTC mobile number in order to register in it. If you try to register the SIM with others name then the app show error. For this, you need to visit Nepal Telecome Office and register your own name or need to buy a new SIM card of your name. Then only you can register easily.

During the registrations, you need to fill up the details and for confirmation, the OTP code is sent for verification. After successful registration, you and login easily and update the fields accordingly.

If you do not have the SIM in your own name, the app shows an error. In this case, you should visit Telecom and keep the SIM in your own name or buy a new SIM card in your own name.

This Nepali software mobile app can be used with the internet on your mobile every day, 24 hours, and 365 days.

Registration requirements

  1. Own named Registered Ncell or NTC Mobile number ( SIM)
  2. Nepal Government-issued documents as Citizenship certificate, Voters Card or Passport document

Download Nagarik App

After the launch of the app, it became a very popular download. More than 50k installs were done within a few hours. You can get more information and details . You can download this Nepali apps from the Nagarik App official website freely.

More than 20 Lakhs citizen has already registered and connected in the app. More than 20k people are already been verified by the server system. This app has become viral Nepali mobile software in the Nepal technology history which has been noted.

This is the initial version yet there have to be lots of modifications with services are to be included. This recent application software can be downloaded easily.  You can download the Nagarik App  Beta Version (APK) from the Google play store. This app is for android mobile devices. for iOS users, you can get the download from the App Store easily

download nagarik apps
download Nagarik apps

Alternate Downloads of this app can also be done from APK Pure too

Nagarik App 1.2.0 Update

The recent update of the app has been done on  2021-01-17. With this update, the following issues were being fixed as Nagarik App Update to make the online application more smooth and reliable.

  1.  Profile Image upload issue fixed
  2. Performance Enhancements added.
  3.  White text in Dark Mode issue fixed
  4.  App Crash Issue fixes

In the coming day, more updates are to be released with lots of fixes and can have Nepali apps downloads easily

Current services In Nagarik Apps

At the initial stage, the digital identity of the citizen has been established in the app using the details in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Election Commission, and Passport Department

Through the app, the app will collect various details as citizenship registration, PAN registration, and passport registration mechanisms. Among the 64 government bodies of the Nepal Government, currently, 40 authorities services will be provided.

services in nagarik apps
services in nagarik apps

Currently, Citizens from Nepal can get the following benefits from this Nagarik citizen App.

15 Services in nagarik apps

  1. Can get PAN numbers by applying for a PAN card as PAN Registration
  2. get information about the tax paid to the government through a mobile set.
  3.  get details of citizenship
  4. get details of passport
  5. Get Details of the educational certificate
  6. Get details about voter identity card
  7. get information about Nagarik Lagani Kosh (Citizen Investment Trust)
  8. get information on the Employee provident fund  Sanchaya Kosh
  9. Get information on social security fund and
  10. Personal loan details
  11. can get  Local Government Information (Like Nagarpalika, Gaupalika)
  12. get information about Samajik Surakshya Kosh
  13. get information about Lok Sewa
  14. Get company registration and its information
  15. Send feedback to Hello Sarkar

Documents You can link

The personal document which is important that is needed on getting different governance service can also be uploaded in the mobile application software. This uploading document will omit the way of carrying documents to all the offices. you can get it in the future whenever you need it. This single platform is also a major part of this Nepali software in mobile.

Currently, you can upload these documents to this Nepali citizen apps.

  1. Citizenship certificate
  2. SLC certificate
  3. PF document
  4. Passport
  5. Lok Sewa documents
  6. Voter Card certificate
  7. CIT document
  8. NEB Plus Two educational certificate
  9. SSF document
  10. PAN card
  11. Gunaso

Future Plans and services in Nagarik App

Nepal government plan to provide the all most all the government’s services as g e-governance service to the citizens of Nepal.

To the recent, the government plans to add national identity cards in the coming days.  and it is planning to provide all the services available in the next coming three months. Current future plans to be included in apps are :

  • Passport (MRP) and its information
  • Driving License and information
  • Wealth document information
  • Employment services and information

Nepal government is welcoming the comments and advice to improve the software app so that it can be modified. Complain about several issues regarding the apps can be done from the  Hello Sarkar Service also.


In summary, the Nagarik app has enlightened the government service easy to the citizen of Nepal. More services in one online platform will be a boon to the e-governance service in Nepal.

we hope this app will ease on delivery of government service to the country’s people and make their lives better. Moreover, we expect this digital technology will  bring transparency, efficiency, and accountability to the success of the prosperous nation.







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