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Pros And Cons Of Manual Driving Lessons And Automatic Driving Lessons

There are always Manual Driving Lessons And Automatic Driving Lessons. If a car needs to move from one point to another, it will not be possible without a working transmission.

The transmission helps the car to change gears. This way, power is efficiently transferred from the engine to the drive axle. When the vehicle is in lower gears, the gear ratio reduces the speed but increases the available power.

On the other hand, higher gears increase speed but reduce the available power. Thus, transmission helps a car efficiently distribute speed and power for any specific situation.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose an automatic car driving lesson or a manual driving lesson Perth. This blog discusses all the advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons
Manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons

What Is A Manual And An Automatic Transmission?

Before going into their benefits and drawbacks, it is crucial to learn what they mean.

1. Manual transmission

In a manual transmission, the driver generally has to change the gears manually whenever they need to decelerate or accelerate their vehicle. The manual car driver also needs to use a clutch pedal located on the left of the brake pedal.

When you press down on this pedal, power is not transferred from the engine to the transmission, thus allowing you to change gears.

2. Automatic transmission

A driver has to play an active role to operate a vehicle having a manual transmission. On the other hand, an automatic car uses fluid pressure to change the gears on its own. The core of an automatic transmission is its planetary gear set, which creates different gear ratios.


Manual driving – pros and cons


The advantages of having manual cars are as follows.

  • Cheaper maintenance costs: One of the significant benefits of using a manual car requires very little maintenance. Even if you need to replace or repair car parts, it will cost you much less. However, you should be very careful about the clutch of a manually transmitted car. If this thing malfunctions, you may run into deep trouble.
  • Better fuel efficiency: Generally, engines in manually transmitted cars are less complex, have less weight, and have more gears than automatic cars. Thus, you can cover more distance for much less fuel in your car tank. It has been found that manual transmissions help drivers save about 5% to 15% of fuel expenses.
  • Better control: Manual transmissions allow the drivers to have much better control over the vehicle. They can easily anticipate an oncoming situation.
  • Less chance of getting stolen: If a car thief decides to inspect your car before stealing it closely, the vehicle’s transmission system will help you catch the criminal.


There are some drawbacks too that you should know.

  • More challenging to learn: Because you will need to change the gear all by yourself, learning to drive a manually transmitted car can take more time. However, if you still want to understand it better, choose the best school to take lessons from a manual driving instructor.
  • Heavy traffic-driving: When you drive through heavy traffic on the road, you will need to start or stop the car constantly. For that reason, driving a manually transmitted car can be highly difficult when the road is congested.
  • Not suitable in hilly terrains: If you are an inexperienced driver, driving a manually operated car in a hilly region can be a real challenge for you. Hilly paths feature sharp bends and steepness. If you are not familiar with the road conditions, it will be difficult for you to navigate.


Automatic driving – pros and cons


Automatic driving has become highly popular in recent years, which is attributed to the following reasons.

  • Easier to use: In manual cars, you will need to remain careful about shifting gears and working a clutch. So, you will need to give enough time for practice. On the other hand, learning to drive an automatic car takes much less time, and the vehicles are easier to use.
  • Less manually restrictive: While driving an automatic car, you can keep both hands on the wheel all the time because the vehicle itself will do all the hard work.
  • Better for hilly areas: Navigating through steep inclines can be difficult for a less experienced driver driving a manually transmitted vehicle. In this situation, you can consider a car with an automatic transmission. It will allow your vehicle to operate efficiently, even in the steepest paths.
  • Reduced risk of stalling: For manually operated cars, accidental stalling is a common problem. However, if you use an automatic car, you will not need to face this issue as stalling occurs only in a mechanical problem.
  • Easier to use in heavy traffic: In a manual car, you have to do all the work like starting, stopping, accelerating, and decelerating manually. In an empty road, it will not pose a significant problem. But while going through heavy traffic conditions, it appears to be a real challenge for the drivers. In such situations, automatic cars can be more efficient.


Despite these advantages, automatic transmission has some disadvantages too, which we discuss here.

  • Higher maintenance costs: The transmission system is more complex compared to a manual transmission. If any part starts malfunctioning, mechanics may require a longer time to repair, which automatically increases the costs.
  • Less control: In an automatically transmitted car, you can choose the best gear for any situation. However, there is always a chance of shifting to too high gear, which wastes more engine power. In addition, drivers of an automatically transmitted car do not get much opportunity to choose a lower gear for added power or anticipate any situation.


It is essential to look for top-rated automatic driving lessons offered in various Perth driving schools for better learning and understanding.


How To Choose Your Driving School?

For options, you can type ‘driving school near me‘ on the Google search bar. However, while selecting your driving school, it is always recommended to check the costs, whether the school has government approval, and reviews given by past students. That will help you find the top-rated driving schools in Perth.

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