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Landing Page Design Inspirations | elements to consider to create an effective one?

For the Landing Page Design Inspirations, you need to have some major inspirations to consider in order to create an effective one Whether you want to receive leads or you want to bring the user to buy a product, the creation of a landing page must be done very carefully.

The creation of a landing page plays a fundamental role in the purchase funnel. In fact, creating an effective landing page can be the keystone that transforms a user into a customer. Landing pages, therefore, encourage the user to take the desired action, such as leaving their contacts, completing a form, and finding out more details about a product or making a purchase.

landing page feature Landing Page Design Inspirations
landing page feature Landing Page Design Inspirations

If in a site the home page is a page less focused on concrete action and acts more like a showcase, a premium web design must be able to generate traffic and direct it to specific pages. In order for the Landing Page Design Inspirations, the page must be structured with care and attention according to the objective to be achieved through it.

Build a Landing page

The first thing to do when deciding to create a landing page is to establish the goal for which you want to make that page. With a clear and precise goal in mind, it will also be easier to know which elements to insert on the landing page and how to convince users to take a given action.

Usually, the goal of such a page can be:

  • a download;
  • subscription to the newsletter or to an event;
  • the subscription to a service;
  • The contact request.

Once the goal has been chosen, the next step is to define the Unique Selling Proposition. The USP must explain what is the distinctive element of the brand, the most important feature of the product or service you want to sell and which differentiates your proposal from the others on the market making it the best to choose.

The USP of a landing page, therefore, must emphasize an advantage that can be obtained and that can make a difference for the target audience. The ideal USP must explain how the brand or product is unique or different, why the user should choose it, and what the benefits are derived from it. It also needs to be specific, concise, and impactful.

The elements of a landing page

All subsequent decisions depend on the definition of the objective: which are the elements to be included in the landing page and which are the useful phrases to convince the user to take an action by making him overcome the fears that separate him from achieving the final goal as Landing Page Design Inspirations.

Advantages of Having a Flat Web Design

But what are the main elements to be included in a landing page?


The title is essential on any landing page. It must contain the USP identified previously and must be able to attract the user by convincing him to continue as expected from the landing page. To accomplish this task, the title must be short and clear, describing the product or service that you want to offer in a synthetic, direct, and interesting way.


serves to give some more information and is configured as a headline, slightly longer, but still minimal. They generally support the headline. Attractive and to the point subtitle give more Landing Page Design Inspirations and designs .

Body of the text

in the first part of the landing page, you must give the user all the most important information regarding the action you want him to perform so that the first scroll of the page is rather light. Only later will longer and more explanatory texts be inserted that can present all the benefits and advantages that the user could have by carrying out the requested action.

Images and videos:

graphic elements are very important for a landing page because they allow you to convey the personality of a brand in a simple, effective and engaging way.

The image or video chosen must capture the user and can demonstrate the functioning of a product or report customer testimonials to support the quality and validity of the product/service itself.

Call to action:

once landed on the page, in fact, the user must be able to know how to move within it and therefore the call to action buttons are essential to achieve this goal. The call to action must be incisive, empathic, and powerful in order to convince the user to take an action.

Analyze the results of a landing page

Once the landing page is ready and online, analyzing the results is essential to understand if the project is achieving the expected performance. Therefore, it will be necessary to fear monitored the incoming traffic to the landing page, the conversion rate, and the bounce rate. This is one of the good part for the Landing Page Design Inspirations and the lovers.

To do this, some tools such as HotJar can help you, which allows you to implement heat maps that simulate user behavior on the site and to obtain useful information about clicks on-page elements, mouse movements, and scrolls.

Furthermore, you can perform A / B tests on the landing pages by trying to see if, by modifying some elements on the page, the behavior of the audience also changes and conversions improve: you can experiment with layout variants, colors, and images, different copy for the texts and for the call-to-action button finding the most effective solution.

Conclusion :

So for the Landing Page Design Inspirations, the types of landing pages are varied and must be calibrated according to the brand, its needs, and the goal you want to achieve. In general, however, some elements must always be present and it is important to carefully evaluate them to ensure that the landing page is effective.




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