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Ketu in Libra – Meaning And Personality Traits

Know about the Ketu in Libra with the Meaning And Personality Traits. Libra is seen as a sign of balance. It is ruled by the planet Venus, which has a good relationship with Ketu.

Both planets are airy. When Ketu is placed in Libra, he will increase the management skills of the native.

You know how to keep things in balance. Ketu, the tail of the dragon, gives the native a propensity for movement since Libra is also a mobile sign. Like libra, the Traits of a Pisces Woman are also to be considered when you are interested

The personality of Ketu in Libra: Decoding

The placement of Ketu in Libra gives rise to aggressive instincts among the natives. You are often smart and hardworking. You are good at going public because you are very talkative. You know how to put your emotions in front of others. This libra Ketu makes you sometimes have to depend on your family.

Although he is spiritually inclined, he can be dishonest at times. With this placement of Ketu, you have a strong desire for activity and change, as Ketu causes much travel. You will enjoy traveling from one place to another.

You will be essentially humanitarian and generous. Ketu in Libra gives you an intellectual personality and a creative mind. You have been very lucky in your past life and have surrounded yourself with comforts and extravagances. In this life, your sensational character is solid.

Positive traits of Ketu in Libra

Individuals with the placement of Ketu in Libra have great opportunities to expand their wealth, especially through their children. Due to Venus’s part-friendly relationships with Ketu, this placement can have some positive effects on the native population.

This placement gives you excellent management skills. You are very good with the public and business. You can do very well in the field of media. You know exactly how to present yourself in public. Due to Venus’s part-friendly relationships with Ketu, this placement can have some positive effects on the native population.

Negative traits of Ketu in Libra

Ketu in Libra is not considered a favorable placement and negatively affects the native population. Your dependence on your family represents a lack of individuality because of this placement. You may also have an unstable and fluctuating state of mind. Although you are generous at heart, sometimes you cannot follow that because of your inability to make decisions.

The placement of Ketu in Libra can cause you to suffer from kidney or intestinal problems. You may also be in danger from your partner or friends. Drugs or medicines are also dangerous for you in this placement. Your married life can go through some serious problems.

Your spouse may become the reason for your loss. With this  Libra, you tend to change friends often and so does your profession.

This placement indicates humiliation for the native. Maybe you are friends with the wrong people. However, you will be very sociable. This placement can also make you hot-tempered.

You may also suffer losses in your professional life. Ketu in Libra can cause problems in the lower part of the abdomen. Internal sexual problems can also arise. You will likely be dealing with skin-related issues.

The effect of Ketu in Libra can cause mental stress or problems in the indigenous people. You can also get fatal accidents. Problems related to your gut will be a major concern for you.

This placement can also lead to unhappiness in your married life. Your bad behavior can make you lose your potency. Your partner can also be a bad person. You have strong sexual desires, but you will not be able to enjoy them.


Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and Ketu is on friendly terms with Venus. The placement of Ketu in Libra has both positive and negative effects on the indigenous population. Despite being friendly to Venus, this placement has more negative than positive effects on the natives. Under this placement, 1221 angel number you become dependent on your family and that also means a lack of individuality.

This location is likely to cause problems primarily related to the stomach and lower abdomen. Whether it’s digestive problems or constipation, there will be negative effects on your digestive system. You are also likely to encounter quarrels and unhappiness in your married life 911 angel number.

You have very strong sexual fantasies, but enjoying them is not a possibility under this location. The positive effect of this internship is that you have strong management skills and are good at the public domain.



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