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India has Leadership in Kidney Transplant surgery

Kidney Transplant in India is popular worldwide and it is one of the best options to choose as there is good success rates. 

A kidney transplant can be life-changing for people with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or kidney failure. In India, the living kidney transplantation program has evolved in the last 45 years.

Currently, India has the largest kidney transplant programs in the world, competing with top countries like the USA. The 10 code kidney transplant all over the world is becoming more in number.

According to an estimation, chronic kidney disease is responsible for around 735,000 deaths annually in the country. On average, around 220,000 people need a kidney transplant in India.

There are more than 7500 kidney transplants completed at 250 transplant centers in the country. Out of which, 10% comes from deceased donors, and 90% comes from living donors.

Kidney Transplant in India
Kidney Transplant in India

Types of Kidney Transplant Procedure in India.

The previous challenges of surgical and medical complications of kidney transplants have now been overcome. Currently, there has been a major change towards more transplant hospitals providing laparoscopic donor nephrectomy.

In fact, a few hospitals are also offering robotic kidney transplantation. Besides these two, there are other types of kidney transplant procedures available.

So, let’s talk about other techniques of kidney transplants in India.

Traditional Open Nephrectomy

This type of kidney transplant requires larger incisions of around 6-8 inches. In fact, these are made to deploy the highest sterilized kidney to the patient. After the procedure, the incisions are closed and covered with Steri Strips. This transplant needs a minimum of three hours to complete.

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy

This type of kidney transplant uses a minimally invasive technique to remove an infected kidney. As compared to traditional open surgery, this type of transplant significantly has less post-operative pain. Also, it offers likely cosmetic outcomes and a shorter hospital stay. This procedure, with the help of general anesthesia, needs 3-4 hours to complete.

Robotic Kidney Transplant

This is an advanced kidney transplant procedure that uses innovative techniques. Hospitals like Medanta Hospital in India have successfully transplanted kidneys through this robotic procedure. Also known as the Icy technique, this transplant involves cooling the kidney with sterilized ice slush during the surgery.

One of the best aspects of this technique is a minimally invasive robotic treatment that mitigates post-surgery complications. Moreover, it also helps in alleviating post-operative pain. More than 56 robotic kidney transplants have been performed at Medanta hospital and International Kidney and Renal diseases, Ahmedabad.

The Success Rate of Kidney Transplant in India

So, when it comes to the success rate of kidney transplants in India, it surpasses 90%. However, many factors influence the success rate of kidney transplantation.These factors are post-operative care, type of hospital, surgeon’s experience, donor compatibility, tissue matching, and more. One of the major aspects that affect the success rate is post-surgical infection. Therefore, it is vital to choose a hospital that offers the best hygiene standards, so the patient won’t catch any infections.

Cost of Kidney Transplant in India

The cost of kidney transplants varies in a wide range of hospitals. Factors like the type of hospital you choose, surgeon experience, type of implant, hospital stay, etc., are the contributing factors.

Kidney transplants are performed in many Indian cities at an affordable cost kidney transplant. These range from New Delhi, Gurugram, and Chennai to Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Also, the kidney transplant cost in India starts from INR 966,000 to INR 14,86,000. When it comes to pre-transplant evaluation of donor and recipient, its costs start from INR 1,50,048. Also, the cost of kidney transplant surgery starts from INR 75,025.

What is included in the packages?

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Post-operative lab tests
  • Post-operative imaging radiology service
  • Graft biopsy
  • Ward/OT consumables, OT Charges, and machine charges.
  • Anesthesia service
  • Diabetology consultation and review
  • Blood Transfusion Services
  • Graft biopsy

The overall icd 10 code kidney transplant package depends on the surgery and other procedures related to it.

A kidney transplant can help improve your quality of life, and you don’t have to rely on dialysis to clean your blood. Regarding the risk, kidney transplant in India is one of the safest surgical procedures available. Moreover, if the kidney is from a live donor, 90-95% of transplants are successful.

Undoubtedly, organ donation in India is ruled by the Transplantation of Human Organ Act 1994. It is vital to look for a hospital that operates within its ambit. So, when successful surgery happens, one can go back to normal life with a functional kidney.

Certainly, India has many hospitals for kidney transplants that can offer all types of treatment at good cost kidney transplant to become good in Mental and Physical Health

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