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How to Use Free Twitter For Ncell in Nepal

You can Use Free Twitter For Ncell mobile phones in Nepal . If you have ncell sim in your phone , here are the ways how to use the twitter freely. 
Twitter one of the popular and number one social app that is popular all over the world. it is now popular and most of the Nepali mobile users especially the celebrities, political p persons, businessmen, government bodies are frequently using for updating the status and news.
You can follow Politicians, celebrities, News to get the latest news and updates. To know that NCell is providing free data to use Twitter Freely. Most of the Ncell users are not knowing about this feature.
How to Use Free Twitter For Ncell in Nepal
How to Use Free Twitter For Ncell in Nepal
You can use twitter free from the official Twitter mobile app, native android browser, and Opera mini version 4.4 and above. Ncell didn’t provide me settings manual for Windows Phone,
So this tutorial is only for Ncell users using Android and IOS smartphones.

For iPhone to Use Free Twitter For Ncell in Nepal 

While using the iPhones, you can also use free twitter if you are using NCell SIM. For iPhone uses to use free twitter follow the following steps. 
  1. Go to Settings> Cellular> Turn On
  2. Disable all those App Sync.
  3. Go to Settings > General > Background App refresh and then turn off.
  4. Now, Go to Settings>
  5. Go to Privacy Privacy>
  6. Then lastly go to Location service and there choose the application that sync the location data automatically while cellular data is on.

For Android Users to Use Free Twitter For Ncell in Nepal 

These are the steps to use free twitter. And also remember to Turn off data sync and restrict data background also in Android.
1) Go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage
2) Now go to Options and disable Auto-Sync and turn on Restrict Data background.
3) If location is enabled, just disable it by Going to Settings> Location Services> Turn off Access to my location.
Now you can use free Twitter in Ncell from Chrome or native browser. Window users can also use this service if Auto-sync is disabled and data is restricted in the background.
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  1. good offer . Ncell is always good to get . generate free stuff is always good idea. please keep on updating the free stuff for the phone and smart phones


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