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How to Score Cheap Flights to Delhi and Learn its Best-Kept Secrets

Delhi’s cuisine reflects its multiculturalism, with dishes like Chhole Bhature and kebabs and tikkas representing the city’s many ethnic backgrounds. The historic Mughal reign is still evident in old Delhi’s meandering, narrow streets and bylanes.

Delhi is also a shopping haven with its vibrant bazaars and posh markets. Travelers always return home with twice as much luggage as they arrived because of Delhi’s diverse markets! With any further delay, book your USA to Delhi Flights and travel off to experience an enthralling adventure.

Tips and Tricks to Booking Cheap Tickets:

  • If you are flexible with your dates, it is easier than you might think to plan an inexpensive flight.
  • These days, there are a lot of low-cost and budget airlines in addition to the conventional expensive carriers.
  • The booking engines and websites save cookies from your browser and your past search history to raise the cost of a frequently sought route.
  • Attempt to keep up with the airlines on social media.
  • For their devoted patrons, the majority of top airlines provide frequent flyer programs.

Top 5 Things That You Did Not Know About Delhi:

  • The only Baha’i temple in Asia is the Lotus Temple in the Kalkaji neighborhood of New Delhi. It has been fashioned into a lotus flower with 27 freestanding petals covered in marble. It is free to enter this magnificent shrine for people of all backgrounds.
  • The world’s highest brick structure, Qutub Minar, is in South Delhi. With a spiral staircase consisting of 379 steps, this tapering tower is approximately 72.5 meters high. It is said that Qutb-ud-din Aibak began building on it in 1199.
  • Famous for its bulk supermarket and the biggest wholesale spice store in Asia, Khari Baoli is a neighborhood in Delhi. Shoppers can find dried edibles such as nuts, spices, and herbs here. Lying on the Khari Baoli Road, it is close to the Red Fort and dates back to the 17th century.
  • One of Delhi’s unusual attractions is the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets. It possesses a unique assemblage of artifacts, data, and images documenting the development of lavatories from 2500 BC onward. From 1145 AD until the present, privies, chamber pots, bidets, toilet furniture, and water closets are on display.
  • In terms of office space costs, Connaught Place is the most costly place in India and ranks ninth globally.

Unique Places to Visit in Delhi

Everybody has at some point in their lives searched for places to go on a trip online or in the past. And it’s usually just a rerun of all the monuments we already know about! As a result, we decided to take it upon ourselves to compile an extensive list of the city’s must-see locations:

Waste to Wonder Park

Life-size reproductions made of leftover materials are displayed at the park as a tribute to the seven wonders of the world. You may discover everything here, from the magnificent Taj Mahal to the hypnotizing grandeur of the Eiffel Tower.

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions opened its doors recently in CP, promising visitors mind-boggling tricks and illusions through 50 unique exhibits. The interactive and immersive exhibits, which are based on the principles of mathematics, science, and psychology, make for an enjoyable experience.

That’s not all, though; guests are also encouraged to study these ploys to gain an understanding of how the brain may be tricked into believing certain things.

Lodhi Art District
As the name implies, this street’s walls are exquisitely painted, with each wall telling a different tale created by the artist. You should rent a Yulu bike from the closest Jor Bagh metro station if you want to get the most out of this neighborhood.

Dilli Haat

For a walking tour of Indian handicrafts and arts from several Indian states, visit this location. This expansive complex features amazing ethnic items, such as handlooms and jewelry, as well as multiple state-representative eateries where you can indulge in your appetite.

Garden of Five Senses
This park, which spans 20 acres of exquisitely and laboriously manicured Aravalli outcrops, is one of the biggest in the city. It features winding paths with lotus pools and tiny ponds nestled into quaint alcoves, as well as several places to sit in the garden. This all adds up to a delightful experience with lots of shade and gorgeous vistas!


The key to finding cheap flights to Delhi is to be flexible and creative. You can find deals if you’re willing to hunt for them, even though it can require some work. Use the preceding advice as a starting point, but don’t spend countless hours looking for cheap flights. It’s a waste of time if booking a flight takes more than an hour.

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