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How to manage employees by spying on android cell phones?

spying on an android phone can be an amazing way to manage your employee at a lower cost. One of the parts of management is to make a business successful.

A successful business depends on many things. Manpower management is one of these things. Businesses flourish when there are capable employees. But things got worse when there are a bunch of black sheep in the manpower. Big businessmen can manage this challenge with ease.

They are giving sky-rocketing salaries to the employees. They are hiring the best people in their respective fields. But small business owners are struggling to overcome this challenge. They do not have to deal with challenges with limited resources and untrustworthy employees.

manage employees by spying on android cell phones
manage employees by spying on android cell phones

The Challenges for Small Business owners

Due to the limited resources, small business owners have to compromise on many things. They cannot hire managers with high education and experience. They cannot buy state-of-the-art office equipment. They cannot afford the best anti-hacking and anti-theft computers. So they are always looking for a cheaper way to resolve their issues.

Also, they have to keep things running with average employees having average salaries. In such type of situation, the employees are not always trustworthy. They can face multiple threats which are.

  • The employee can leak out important office data to other competitors.
  • The employee can hand over client lists to rival companies.
  • The employee can be in contact with other companies.
  • The employee can be visiting other competitors’ offices during duty hours.
  • The employees can lie about their location. They can tell the boss that they are on site. But actually, they are sitting in their drawing rooms having coffee.
  • The employee might be trading business secrets in return for some cash.

Above are the possible scenarios the small business owners are facing. That is why there is a strong need for some digital firewall that can stop all this, or at least cut to a certain level.

How employers can manage the employees?

By the use of spying on android phones app

Business owners are providing computers and cell phones to conduct official tasks. These company-owned devices remain the company’s property. The employees make calls, text messages, and other things from company-owned phones.

In this case, we take company-owned cell phones to be android cell phones. The employer can install the spying on android phone app on company-owned devices.

The employees will never know that there is a spying activity happening from the cell phone. The cell phone monitoring app helps employers in many ways. These apps offer a range of features that are useful for employers. Below are some of the features.

Location tracking

The employers can locate the employee at any instance. The app can track the real-time location of a target cell phone. So if an employee lies about the location, the employer can catch him without any problem. The lying habit of employees is dangerous for business. If an employee is supposed to be at the site during hours but he is not there. This is not good for business.

Email Monitoring

The employer can check the mailboxes on the target phone. This includes both inbox and sent items. This will help the employer to check the information the employee is giving to other people. How is his behavior with the client?

Call recording

The employer can record the conversations of the phone calls made from or to the target cell phone. This can help the employer to check the conduct and behavior of employees with clients.

Call logs access

The employer can also access the call logs of the target cell phone. This will enable the employer to check the connections of the target employee. This will also reveal any conspiracy (if there is) going on.


There are much more features of cell phone monitoring apps. These features cover almost all aspects of cell phone activities. The business owners are already working hard for the growth of the business. They can check each employee. The cell phone monitoring app helps them to keep a hidden eye on the employees 24/7.




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