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How to Find the Real ID of my YouTube Channel in Easy steps?

Find the Real ID of my YouTube Channel is need some time. you can get it easily.  Lets’ talk about today’s most popular social sharing websites. you might know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are widely used Social Sharing websites all over the world.

Besides that, if we talk about the video social site,  YouTube is a video social site platform widely used later you can say my youtube videos. 

So, keep in mind that although Facebook might be the largest social networking site, YouTube is in the position for the second greatest reach after Facebook, and also it the second biggest search engine after Google Search. 
This Youtube there are lots of options and you can do tons of cool things you can do with which you may not know all about.
simply, Youtube is not only for watching the video and post them on social websites but lots of things can also be done. for bloggers, website developers can do lots of designing and modifications.
 For these modifications on presenting videos on your designs and websites, you may need to know about the ID( Identification) Number of my Youtube Channel. It’s very easy to get the Youtube Channel ID. You can retrieve the channel ID and embed it on your website or elsewhere you ever need.
 find the Real ID of your YouTube Channel i
You will see the Youtube Channel ID as shown above within the picture

Find the Real ID of my YouTube Channel in Easy steps?

Here are definite and easy working steps for getting Youtube Channel ID. Do follow them slowly.

Step 1: Log in to my Youtube Channel First. 

You have to log in to the youtube channel at first. This can be simply done by providing the user name and password

Step 2: Go to YouTube Channel

Now go to your YouTube Channel. You will be able to see your channel name. If you haven’t created a youtube channel. you can create a new one. And keep in mind that in the youtube channel you can see all of your uploaded videos.

Step 3:Copy the channel link

Now open the browser’s Browser may be the chrome browser or firefox browser. You can also use any browser which one you are convenient. In the browser address bar, you can see the address of the channel as follow 

step 4: Get the youtube channel code
. You are done. Your Youtube Channel ID is next after/channel/. Here UC1bldW0D7fLly1k2JnsLeSA is your or my youtube channel ID

Next method to find the real ID of your YouTube Channel

There can be multiple ways to find out the real ID of your youtube channel. one of the alternative methods to get the real ID of your Youtube Channel can be obtained by following simple steps. 

Step 1: Open Youtube in the browser

You can open youtube in the browser. Any updated browser is ok. You can type www. and open it. 

Step 2: Log youtube account 

Log in to youtube with your username and password. If you don’t have an account you can make a new account also. 

Step 3:Go to settings sections

  To go to the setting section, you should Click on your Profile Picture and Go to settings

Step 4: Click on the Advanced option

Also, you can go directly to the advanced setting of your youtube account
by pasting the following link directly to your browser. 

WordPress tips to Increase Maximum Upload size

YOu can see the following page as shown in the picture and follow accordingly. Don’t go against other options and settings. If you do so you may be ruined your place. 


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