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How to choose the right chair for Home?

Chairs are essential items in life, and there are many ways to buy them, but how to choose the right chair?

Determine needs

Of course, the biggest use of a chair is to sit on it, but each of us has a different body shape, height, and weight, or there are many children at home, so we can’t just buy the chair based on its appearance, but more You need to understand the family situation and then choose based on appearance.

Determine the material

There are many kinds of materials for chairs, from the previous wooden chairs and bamboo chairs to the many steel frame structures now. Some people like wooden ones because they match the decoration of the room well and are noble and elegant, such as the Windsor from Tengye Home Furnishings chair. Some people like steel structures, which are cheaper.

Depends on the environment

Wooden chairs are not suitable for use in relatively humid environments. Also, if they are used in offices, most of them will now choose chairs made of new materials. Computer chairs are the most popular. I think the first point is the most important, especially for friends whose houses are newly renovated. Buyers also check the offers at Furniture 123 discount code NHS

Choose a brand

Don’t underestimate the chair, because it is a necessity for the home environment, so if possible, you still have to choose a brand. Tengye Home Furnishing can learn about it.


  • Don’t buy something too expensive
  • You should also buy environmentally friendly chairs

1. Handrail

The easiest way to judge the quality of a chair is to see if the armrests are connected to the chair’s back or cushions. If, the armrests are attached to the back of the chair.

Then when tilted, the armrest can maintain the same angle as the person’s back to obtain support between the arms. If the armrest is connected to the seat cushion, when tilted backward, the inclination angle of the seat cushion is inconsistent with the seat back (i.e. the person’s waist). Therefore, the arms cannot be positioned comfortably when leaning back.

The construction of the armrests may not be that important when it comes to comfort, but it’s the easiest way to test a chair. This simple design is enough to show the attitude of the chair manufacturer.

From this point of view, many ordinary office chairs on the market are not qualified chairs and require careful selection. You can also visit at Amazon discount code NHS

2. Lumbar support

When it comes to chair comfort, the most important thing is lumbar support. The older you are, the more sensitive you will be to this requirement. Many people when they were young simply didn’t care about the lumbar support of a chair.

Even a wooden bench without a backrest can be used for half a day, but now as I grow older and develop waist problems, I realize the seriousness of the situation. Although many chairs will offer greater lumbar support, there’s nothing to feel while sitting on it.

The lumbar support may be a technical part of the entire chair and will have complex mechanical structures connected to the entire chair. The most realistic way to test is to experience for yourself whether the backrest of the chair can fully wrap and support the backrest regardless of the sitting position.

3. Chair back tilt strength

Different people have different weights, and the required chair back tilt force differs as well. However, the tilt strength of a regular chair is fixed, making it difficult for someone with a lightweight to lean on it, while someone with a heavy weight will immediately lean back. Not only does it feel unsupportive, but it’s also easy to sit on and turn over.

From this point of view, some manufacturers of chairs have better solutions. Through some ingenious designs, the weight of the seat cushion becomes part of the resistance of the backrest, so different people have different feelings of use.

1. Fixed feet or wheels?

This is the first selection in the general category of chairs. Fixed-leg chairs mainly have four legs and an arch shape. One of its biggest advantages is that it is stable and will not sway or move, but it also loses most of its adjustment functions, especially the height. And it seems that the flagship products of major brands are basically with wheels.

Regarding the issue of sloshing, it makes sense to consider it, especially for middle-aged and elderly people. Any mistakes will have a greater impact on them. However, in the new chair, I purchased, this problem is okay and it does not matter.

It’s not as smooth as my previous one. The wheels have a certain degree of damping, and there’s no wobble without external force. Presumably, well-known brands should also consider this issue. It’s no better than not knowing. I thought the smoother the wheels, the better.

2. Height

When typing or working at the desk, a person’s upper arm naturally droops, and the forearm is most comfortable at an angle of ≥90 degrees. If the chair is too low and the tabletop is too high, the entire arm will have to be lifted, which may easily cause strain.

Everyone’s height and body shape are different. If there are no conditions for on-site testing, it is best to choose a chair that can adjust the height. Buyers also shop at Dunelm discount code NHS

3. Seat cushion

The first two items are just type choices, but this item is the most critical item for the comfort of a chair. This one is the most elusive and difficult to explain, and it is also the one that I have been struggling with for the longest time.

Because most of the current big-name chairs (NetEase Select, Bayou, Okamura, Xihao High-end, Ergomac, and even MH) are made of mesh cushions. Several popular reviews on the Internet, such as Aifu, almost directly skipped the non-mesh cushion chair. But I finally chose a chair with a sponge cushion for several reasons:

1. First of all, I would like to thank you for the different voices on Zhihu about the issue of mesh ergonomic chairs that tighten the legs.

2. In the follow-up reviews on JD.com and Taobao, you can also see some content about seat cushion discomfort

3. At the same time, I asked the customer service of Xihao JD.com, Taobao flagship store, and third-party store to recommend which one is more comfortable, mesh or sponge. They all responded unanimously: sponge. I would like to express my deepest gratitude!

4. According to common sense, the mesh is made of nylon thin threads. To maintain elasticity, it cannot be woven as densely as a piece of cloth. Then each small hole will form a mesh with four sides of fine yarn, dividing the flesh of the buttocks and thighs into There are several small squares, and there is nothing else underneath to support them. Its power relies on the “pocket”, while the force of the sponge + steel plate cushion is to lift the whole piece upward.

In comparison, which one is more comfortable? Seat cushions and mattresses have almost the same principle. If mesh cushions are so good, why aren’t mattresses made of mesh cushions? After considering the above points, I began to feel confident and chose the sponge cushion without hesitation.

Another important indicator is the softness and hardness, which is the same as the mattress. In theory, it should not be too soft. If it is too soft, it will be comfortable to sit on at first, but it will cause the body to collapse and deform after a long time.

After choosing the cushion, the following points are relatively simple because they are relatively intuitive.

Prince Lin Hu told everyone that a good chair needs to have more complete functions. For example, the height of the armrests, the degree of adjustment inside and outside, the inclination of the seat, etc.

It also depends on the breathable material of the chair, and whether it will not feel uncomfortable after long-term use. Judging the quality of a chair still depends on personal experience. The comfortable one is suitable for you.



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