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Green Amethyst Jewelry vs Charoite Jewelry: Which one would you Prefer?

Admit it, cherry-picking between green amethyst jewelry and charoite jewelry could be quite a daunting task as both differs significantly in terms of lustre and colours, as we as clarity.

So, to make your work and easy, we have got for you a complete differentiation guide between green amethyst jewelry and charoite jewelry. Green Amethyst Jewelry vs charoite Jewelry: Which one would you Prefer?


Also known as Prasiolite, green amethyst is a type of quartz which lends a royal green colour. This shade of green colour can vary significantly depending upon the specimen and the lightening conditioning. However, more often this shade of green can range from being pale to medium green. Notable shades of green in amethyst jewelry are:


Light Green: The most common shade of green amethyst. Quite pale, it lends a pastel green colour an is often used in green amethyst necklace and green amethyst pendant.


Medium Green: Some pieces of green amethyst can have a slightly deeper hue too. This usually appears as medium green.Yellow Green: One of the yet most alluring and amazing hue can be a blend of yellowish-green


Blue Green: Highly precious and valuable pieces of green amethyst jewelry can have a bluish tint on their surface. When viewed under light, it offers a heavenly and divine look to the wearer.

On the other hand, charoite jewelry can have a distinctive purple hue. On the top of it, it may have swirling patters of white, black or even brown. These colour and patterns of the charoite jewelry can be influenced by the cut and the polish on the stone.

This purple hue can vary from being intense and deep to slightly light and pale. And the best part about having beautiful charoite jewelry like that alluring charoite ring, or that charoite pendant is to have those prominent white or black veining on the stone. These patterns can range from delicate wisps to bold as well as sweeping strokes.


In most cases, green amethyst jewelry can be transparent to opaque. The clarity of this gemstone can vary depending upon the cut and polish also. The presence of iron impurities and natural irradiation can lend a slightly translucent clarity too. Often, this stone is considered to be comparatively clear stone with some degree of inclusions and imperfections.


The clarity of the green amethyst can be assessed between the scale of being “included” to “flawless”. The ones in the former category would have some visible flaws or impurities, while the one belonging to the latter category would have a completely flawless and crystal-clear appearance.


On the other hand, charoite jewelry is mostly opaque to translucent, lending a fibrous to chatoyant appearance. With striking hues of blue, gold and red, its quite uncommon to find charoite jewelry as transparent due to the natural presence of impurities and imperfections in it.


In a nutshell, you will mostly find translucent charoite jewelry. However, coming across transparent pieces should raise question upon the authenticity of the stone.


Hardness of the Stone

In most cases, the hardness level of any gemstone is assessed by the base material. Usually, green amethyst jewelry has a hardness level of around 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It means that as compared to other similar graded stones, green amethyst has a comparatively prolonged durability and intact strength.


However, it does not mean that you can simply throw that pair of long stud green amethyst earrings and green amethyst ring here and there. Proper care and storage is what calls for the part on the wearer.


However, on the flip side, charoite jewelry falls slightly short of the benchmark on the scale of toughness and durability. With a mere hardness level of only 5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, charoite jewelry, like that glittering pair of charoite earrings or that sizzling charoite bracelet is not suite for everyday wear. It is indeed vulnerable to breakage or damage if came in contact with a hard or rough surface. You need to very cautious on adorning that charoite necklace.


Exquisite and sizzling green amethyst has a glass-like, vitreous lustre. Its shinny and reflective surface create a bright and sizzling-sparking effect on being struck by sunlight. Such a heavenly and mystic view just surges the beauty a value of green amethyst jewelry.


charoite jewelry on the other hand, glows the eyes of the wearer with its silky to vitreous, and sometimes even a vitreous lustre. Alike other factors, the lustre of charoite jewelry can also be influenced by the type of cut and polish provided by gemstone jewelry suppliers.


When viewed under a strong beam of light, it creates a soft and silky effect. Such a natural phenomena is mainly due to its fibrous structure.


Quality of the stone also determines the lustre of the stone. High quality charoite jewelry comes with a bright and intense lustre. On the other hand, dull and muted lustre can be seen a low-quality stone.



What tends to be a positive aspect of adorning yourself with green amethyst jewelry is that you can get that high and alluring beauty at quite a affordable cost. On an average, the price of green amethyst jewelry revolves around $10-$100 per caret.


Whereas, for availing high quality charoite jewelry, you might need to pay a sum of $90-$500 per caret, depending upon the type, colour, clarity as well as the cut of the jewelry. The insane quality and beauty of charoite justifies every penny spent by the wearer.


Wrapping Up.

So, if affordability is your criteria, then go for green amethyst jewelry. However, if your budget allows you to be a bit flexible, then don’t miss the chance to grab the opportunity to cherish the cheerful and adorable beauty of charoite jewelry.


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Happy Shopping!

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