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Get Well Soon Cards for Friends vs. Colleagues

When it comes to sending get well soon cards, there are some differences in etiquette between friends and colleagues. Learn how to choose and personalize the perfect get well soon card for both friends and colleagues with our helpful guide.

When the people close to us are feeling under the weather because of any particular illness or they are recovering from one, being with them during their tough moments is the most ideal thing you can do.

But what if for some reason you can’t be present with them physically? In such cases connecting with people and providing them with moral support can be hard but not impossible. To help you stay connected and offer your well wishes, get well soon cards can be used. It shows a heartfelt gesture.

However, choosing the right card from sendwishonline depends on the kind of relationship you share with the recipient. Whether you are sharing the get well soon cards with your friends or your colleagues, selecting the appropriate card becomes essential to convey your wishes in a meaningful way.

So let’s dive deep into the article and explore the things that will guide us into choosing the right get well soon card based on the relationship with the sender.

Get Well Soon Cards For Friends:

  1. Personal and Warm Messages

You can be more intimate and affectionate with pals. Pick a get well card that will help you to convey your sincere love and concern. You might incorporate special things that are inside jokes, recollections, and encouraging remarks in your friendship.

  1. Humour 

Friends are supposed to do funny things together and if your friendship has the foundation of jokes and laughter, then there is nothing more to search for. Select a get well soon card that contains a funny message or a cartoon to create a comforting sense and make your friend smile, even in their illness. Your cards should fill them with laughter.

  1. Focus on their interests 

While choosing the card you should also pay attention to the interests, personality and hobbies of the receiver. You can then select a card that aligns with all these aspects to show your extra effort in creating a genuine card. You can show that you know about their favourite things in these subtle ways.

  1. Personal Touch 

Don’t forget to add a personalized message to share your honest thoughts and emotions. Always share it with your name as that can make the card feel more meaningful and comforting.

  1. Show your support 

Show your support by mentioning that you are willing to share to help in whatever capacity they require you. Let your friends know that you are there for them. Help them out with their chores, and groceries, or just be there to talk to them. Whatever you do, try to make them feel better with your get well soon cards.

Get Well Soon Cards For Colleagues:

  1. Professionalism 

When sharing get-well-soon cards with colleagues, you mustn’t become overly personal. You should maintain professionalism. Choose a card from sendwishonline that is appropriate for a workplace and avoids overly emotional messages.

  1. Encouraging messages 

While sharing cards in a workplace you must share messages that are encouraging. Convey your well wishes for their speedy recovery and avoid intimate sentiments. Also, avoid bringing up emotional issues.

  1. Company culture 

With the growing differences in cultures all around the world, it is possible to notice that some workplaces are formal while others do have a certain touch of friendliness. This approach might also affect the behaviour of your colleagues so while sharing get-well-soon cards you must understand the personalities of your colleagues and that of the company.

  1. Themes 

While choosing the main theme of your get well soon card look for something soothing and uplifting. Elements like nature scenes, abstract art, or inspirational quotes are perfect for colleagues. These give healing vibes and your colleagues would definitely appreciate the gesture.

  1. Group card 

Group cards are very famous in offices wherein the entire team comes together to sign the get well soon cards leaving their best wishes for the receiver. If you become a part of such a collective card, make sure your messages are professional and reflect the collective sentiment of the workplace.


General Tips for Both Friends and Colleagues

  1. Quality– regardless of the kind of relationship you both share, opt for a get well soon card that is of professional quality and add messages that are thoughtful. The card should reflect that you have put effort into creating the card and it is not merely a formality.
  2. Sensitivity– you should be mindful of the recipient’s religious and cultural background when selecting a card. You should look for a design that respects their beliefs. There may be chances that you might offend some people unconsciously so it is better you think twice before choosing the right card design.
  3. Privacy- during moments like these you should take extra care about what to say to the receiver. Be considerate of their privacy and don’t make the card too personal. Avoid sharing advice if you don’t know the entire details of the illness. And even if you do know the details, don’t say about your beliefs. Let the receiver cherish your card as a sign of support.

With these few things in mind, you are ready to create your get well soon cards. Check out the widest collection from sendwishonline and get into the habit of sharing comforting cards.


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