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The Future of PC Gaming World might not be Windows 11 after all

The future of PC Gaming World has been lots of changes now. There was much talk last month about how Microsoft would revolutionize the PC gaming industry with its new operating system.

Redmond’s tech company, Xbox Velocity Architecture has been advertised as an innovative era in game-loading boosters for its new consoles.

The DirectStorage API will also be available for Windows PCs. However, it is designed for two operating systems with different speed expectations. What will the actual impact of this API be?

You might be interested to know about the Future of the PC Gaming World.

The Future of PC Gaming World might not be Windows after all
The Future of PC Gaming World might not be Windows after all

Microsoft’s decision could lead gamers to choose Windows 10

You may recall that when Microsoft announced the future OS, they made a statement that left people asking what the future of the PC gaming world might look like.

Officials from the company made it clear that Windows 11 will be required to run games that use select next-generation APIs, including the DirectStorage API.

Last week, however, the DirectX team of the tech giant walked the OS restriction back and confused many people.

Microsoft will ensure that game developer can reach as many gamers by adopting a new API.

Hassan Uraizee was the DirectX Program Manager and made this statement in conjunction with Microsoft’s DirectStorage preview program and extra information regarding How to Fix Error message+ keeps stopping

Developers will be able to test this feature immediately in 3D software. We are certain that many of you know that the API redirects I/O requests for 3D graphics assets to a computer’s GPU.

Windows 11 will only be available for some significant changes

Microsoft’s Uraizee also mentioned that an additional DirectStorage pillar has been added to the optional category, which is a jump towards faster SSD storage making the PC Gaming World faster and smooth.

Microsoft seems to be saying now that game-loading pipelines built on DirectStorage can scale down to less powerful computers.

This could lead to more people choosing to play on Windows 10 than to make system-wide changes to get the new OS.

It is unlikely that many of the major changes Redmond-based company considered as Windows 11 exclusive will be made to the current operating systems.

Windows 10, which we have all had the opportunity to become familiar with over the years, seems like a more sensible choice.

This will all happen while still taking advantage of operating system tweaks such as decompressing assets via GPU. DirectX’s Agility SDK is a major contributor to this.

You can drop this into Windows 10 version 1909 or higher and it will still work without conflict with any other OS elements.

The most important thing here is that Windows 11’s storage upgrade will be exclusive. This is based on Uraizee’s statement that gamers will want Windows 11 access to all the DirectStorage potential.

DirectStorage has made many changes that have left some questioning what is really happening. DirectStorage implied sales pitches are the ability to create real-time 3D environments that revolve around a revolutionary I/O approach.

One side is the one that allows you to enjoy wide-open spaces and details without having to hide them by your mid-game antics.

Uraizee’s controversial explanation isn’t clear about how DirectStorage’s Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions will or won’t be considered in such ambitious PC game plans.

DirectStorage-enabled games will still run as well as they always have, even on PCs that have older storage hardware (e.g., HDDs).

This is a significant step back from Microsoft’s DirectStorage announcements, which was a disappointment for gamers in the PC Gaming World.

Perhaps the tech company was surprised at how many gamers’ computers failed last month’s Windows 11 compatibility tests. This could be due to a lack of solid-state media, or a motherboard failing checks for the Trusted Platform Module.

This could have caused a scramble to ensure that DirectX 12 Ultimate ambitions don’t get further restricted.

DX12U will require more modern GPUs, including Nvidia’s RTX 2000, 3000, and 3000 families, as well as AMD’s RDNA 2, and, in a chip-shortage universe where uptake has been slow, compatible GPUs are not readily available.


The PC Gaming world has lots of changes. It has been updating lots of good features including API and else that is compatible with windows and upcoming operating systems. Microsoft’s DirectStorage has made more revolutions in this PC gaming world.

How do you feel about the whole situation? Please share your thoughts with us below in the comments section.




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