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Do You Shampoo After Rice Water?


Know that rice water washes are good for your hair. Usually, the rice water is used only after cleansing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. It facilitates the goodness of rice water to stick to the scalp and hair. Visit the beautybest for better shampooing options which is the first step before the rice water washes. There is an alternative to leave in the rice water for 30-45 minutes in your hair. First things first, the shampoo and conditioner; once done with them, wash your hair thoroughly. Then spray the rice water and spread it. Begin from the scalp and outwards. Leave it for the prescribed amount of time and wash your hair again with cold water. The rice water must be used in limited quantities to avoid protein overload.

The shampoo and conditioner must be used prior to the rice water washes. Post application of the rice water, wait for some time to let the carbohydrate work out its magic. Then rinse with cold water. Now washing away the applied rice water with shampoo would mean, all out clearing off the goodness left out by the carbohydrate in rice water. Avoid this from happening and follow the instructions to get wonderful hair texture. The shampoo prepares the way for the rice water to embrace the hair strands and scalp by dissolving out the previous oil and sebum residues, blocking the pores and layering on hair strands. Know more about the carthings.

Benefits of Rice Water Washes

The rice water is simply the water filtered after boiling any type of rice or after soaking them for 1-2 hours in water, with constant stirring in between. A milky or clouded solution is what you get. The rice releases a carbohydrate named inositol which is the main ingredient to restore hair quality and quantity.

  • It tames the frizz and dryness of the hair strands
  • Enables easy de-tanglement of hair strands
  • Restores hair protein levels, which is washed out and eroded because of regular shampoo washes and heat styling treatments
  • The hair shines after washing
  • Repairs damaged hair follicles and improves hair strength
  • Decreases hair damage
  • Helps to stimulate hair growth and increase the length of hair

You can prepare your own rice water as it is cheaper and has multiple benefits for hair. There are ready-made rice water products available to save your efforts over soaking and boiling. On first application itself the hair exhibits smooth and silky texture on drying. It is beneficial for all the hair types. Hair dryness and frizz prone ends are calmed with the heavy hydrating properties of your rice water.

It is preferable to use the longer grains of rice to get the right consistency of the same. You can even store the excess rice water in an air-tight container. Some users even resort to fermenting the mixture to activate the rice water molecules for better absorption and shiny hair coating. However, this must not be countered with the shampoo application as it renders the hair dry and devoid of rice water proteins. Visit the critik to get milder shampoos accordingly, if you already have dry scalp and hair texture.

The shampoos clear out the dandruff that infests your scalp for better absorption of hydrating molecules from the rice water. It increases the porosity of the hair strands for the same to occur. The nutrients and protein in the rice water is easily absorbed into these hair pores, for strong and thick hair. Be it daily or sometimes in a week, the rice water can work-up wonders. Not only the dry hair types but the oily and normal hair types can benefit from this clouded water. Different rice types yield vitamins of various kinds. Rice water harbours magnesium and phosphorus as well. Vitamin B types are very much prominent and good for hair growth. The required nutrients are absorbed readily by the shampooed and conditioned hair strands. So chart out your routine of rice water washes beginning with suitable shampoos and conditioners.



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