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10 Must Haves to Decorate Your Home in a Unique Way

Learn to Decorate Your Home in a Unique Way. Who doesn’t compliments especially when they are aimed to praise your hard work and selective taste? Home décor is a thing every person loves and with the right accessory you can transform your home into a place that is not only comfortable but a treat for eyes.

Even though we all desire to make our homes the best ones in the neighborhood, home décor requires some serious budget and a lot of investment.

Must Haves to Decorate Your Home in a Unique Way
Must Haves to Decorate Your Home in a Unique Way

No matter how appealing it sounds it is unwise to drain all your savings on fancy lightning or couch cushions. You need to be careful and playful with the ideas and not invest too much on something just for the sake of show off. Here are some unique ideas to help you decorate your home on a budget and make it the best amongst all.

1.    The Front Door

Nobody mentioned it before? No worries, we start at the beginning! The front door makes or breaks the impression of your home. It is true when they say first impression is the last impression and you can excite or dull the vibe of your home with just the front door. Yes it is true.

Make sure you not only choose a great design and style but also a perfect color. Though red represents a welcoming gesture for your guests, orange and yellow speak of comfort but a turquoise is both classic and timeless. Choose a color that doesn’t lose color or shine over the time and is pleasing to the eyes too.

2.    Paint

A loud paint job on the walls looks appealing in rooms where everything else is kept minimum. A dark furniture goes well with light paints on the other hand. It is your personal choice to choose color for each room depending on the furniture and vibe you are expecting, but the central area needs to be neutral and lightly painted. Neutral colors represent comfort and calmness.

3.    Talkative Environment

Make sure you design a lounge or living area that promotes interaction. Setting up couches at farther corners doesn’t look good. Imagine you are in a hotel lobby, do you notice different sets of sofas pointing at each other? They are all to encourage conversation and form great gatherings. Try pointing your furniture towards each other as to form a close (not too close) association among the people sitting on them.

4.    Handmade Crafts

This is what will set your home apart. It’s not the big things but the small details that make the biggest difference. Invest on handmade crafts and items that are not commonly sold. This way your house will have a touch of uniqueness and will speak about you. Handmade crafts also support small businesses and you can get huge discounts too. The wayfair 10 off promo code is your ticket to shop from one of the biggest handmade home décor items for lesser prices and more value.

5.    A Wall Clock

Like duh? But often ignored one, you can change the look of your entire room with a change in wall clock. Yes that is true. Wall clocks have the highest probably to be noticed because at one point or another your guests will be looking for time and with the right wall clock you can make the biggest impression. For your living room try going for something vintage and classy at the same time.

6.    Crown Molding

A part of our tiny details matter motto, crown molding blends your walls and ceiling the right way. It completes the look and gives a pretty finish. And who doesn’t love neat walls and ceilings? Later comes the paint job but the finish is where the main impression lies. Another great thing about this simple design is that it is inexpensive. Everyone can get crown molding done for their home. As much as it adds to the aesthetics it also strengthens the corner paint.

7.    Pillows

Pillows are not only for comfort but they can serve multiple purposes. Other than being comfortable they can be aesthetically pleasing too. Pillows can elevate the look of your couch or chair in a matter of seconds. You can choose patterned ones for plain couches or even plain ones for patterned designs. And one important thing when choosing the right pillow for your living room, invest on a size that adds to the comfort. Rather than crowding your couch with bunch of tiny pillows go for one or two large ones. This will save you space, budget as well as give a clean, fresh look.

8.    Curtains

Windows let your home breathe, while you invest on windows with the perfect frame, a fine paint job and a great lamination on glass don’t forget the curtains. Half of the times, your curtains are draped in front of the windows. In order to achieve a pretty look make sure you invest on them smartly. Choose curtains that complement the paint, room décor, window style as well as the lightning you wish to enter into room. The color you choose for curtains can make your room look brighter or even dull the entire vibe.

9.    Mirrors

Mirrors are not only for an emotional breakdown when you think you don’t look good enough to go out! Mirrors are here to elevate the look of your room. Invest in different styles and variations of mirror for your home to have a classy look. Opting for vintage style mirrors for your living room can add a whole new antique-y vibe. It also acts as a wall covering and something to take mirror selfies with.


Whether at the entrance or under the coffee table, a rug no matter how big or small is always noticed. Rug adds comfort and consistency to a place. They complete the interior and are also great at defining boundaries. Want to divide your living room into lounge and dining room? Get two different rugs or a simple one to form a border between the two areas.



Know these ways and methods to Decorate Your Home in a Unique Way and enjoy the good home.




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