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COVID Related Nepali Mobile Apps You Must Know

Covid Related Nepali Mobile Apps are emerging in the online Market in Nepal Due to COVID, the world is being hit badly and all the people are struggling with it. The pandemic is widely spread in almost all the countries in the whole world. Lots of people have been dead already and many are still in the bed of hospitals. Nepal also badly hit by the COVID. After the first wave now Nepal is on the disaster of the second wave and people are suffering a lot.

At this time COVID information is necessary for the proper treatment and prevention. For the different COVID and its related information, there has been the development of many applications for the mobile as the COVID related Nepalis mobile apps.

During this pandemic time, there has been started many mobile apps developed which gave good information for the public as well as others. The government also has launched different apps regarding it to give the proper information. In the same way, different companies have also launched different apps with many services.

COVID related Nepali Mobile App categories

As said different types of Nepali mobile apps have been launch during these seasons. Apps are in both Nepali as well as English language with more user friendly. Following  categories  of Nepali mobile apps are being launched basically

  1. Health service Mobile Apps
  2. Health Information Mobile Apps
  3. COVID Information Mobile App
  4. Online Doctor consultation Mobile Apps
  5. Online Pharmacy Mobile Apps
  6. Online Lab Mobile apps
  7. Public Mobile Apps

Nepali Mobile App Platforms

Generally, these mobile apps are in the android version as well as the apple version. you can download the Android version from the Google Play store while for the iPhone or Apple devices you can download from the apple store.


Hamro Swasthya App

Hamro Swasthya, Nepali Software for mobile, is the official mobile application of the Nepal government which is being developed by the Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal. This apps is being launched in order  to provide reliable information on important online health services to Nepali citizens.

Hamro Swasthya Apps Nepal Mobile Apps
Hamro Swasthya Apps Nepal Mobile Apps

At this time of the COVID  global pandemic, this app focuses on the control of  COVID-19 and provides awareness of it to the general public.

The major aim of these Nepali mobile apps is to provide health-related issues and services throughout the country in coming days.


Main Features of Hamro Swasthya App

  • Global COVID statistics and updates
  • Nepal COVID statistics and  updates
  • Corona Symptoms Checking
  • Important Nepal government Health information
  • Nepal Coronavirus Updates
  • Health Hotline number and information
  • COVID Online Risk Assessment Tool
  • Nepal corona hospitals hubs and their contact number and address
  • FAQs on the COVID 19
  • Recent situation Reports
  • Corona Nepal Viber Community Group link
  • Download Hamro Swasthya App On GOOGLE PLAY STORE

Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance App

Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance System is a Nepali software system or a mobile app that is designed to detect community spread of the disease, which will help the Nepal Government, Local Government, and Communities to fight against the Corona outbreak.

This application is   a collaborative effort of Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN), Center for Information and Communication Technology (ICT4D), Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd. (Insol), I. Click Pvt. Ltd. (iClick), Public Health Concern Trust-Nepal (PHECT-Nepal), Nepal Disaster and Emergency Medicine Center (NADEM) and Innovative Data Solution Pvt. Ltd. (IDS).

Nepal COVID Surveillance app
Nepal COVID Surveillance app

Features of Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance App

  • Surveillance System for the COVID 19  Nepal mobile apps which provides  self-assessment to for the corona infection.
  • suggests a person be in self-quarantine and ask to update his health status daily for 14 days of quarantine period
  • provides a dashboard for medical doctor / health worker to monitor the health status of a person under self-quarantine and registered into the system.
  • has  GIS-based mapping system helps to track the person in self-quarantine and delivering service at his/her door.
  • has a Location-based system that helps decision makers, disaster management teams for strategic planning and making decisions to address the issues in real time.

Download Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance – Apps on Google Play



DOKO app is a multipurpose Nepali Mobile app for your entertainment. This Nepali android app and Nepali iPhone app can be downloaded freely and install on your smartphone. After installing this app, You can watch your favorite shows, play your favorite games, and Many entertainment features.

You can get lots of prizes and offer in this app . It is very easy to use and you can enjoy lots .


doko app nepal mobile games
doko app nepal mobile

Recently, the doko app is also integrated with the game played by Rabi lamichhane especially for collecting funds for the COVID patients. So, this Nepal mobile apps is also included here.  you can participate in the game with a minimum amount and then you can have a chance to win up to 1 lakhs amount.

Even though if you dont win also the amount goes for the charity treatment to poor covid patients in Nepal.


Download DOKO App

( Doko – Apps on Google Play

Download DOKO App

Doko on the App Store (

Nepali app list Related to Health and covid

This is the list of Nepali apps that you can download on your smartphone freely. These Nepali app lists are mostly related to COVID 19. Most of them are health-related as well.

  1. NepMeds
  2. HamroDoctor

More list will be upadated. Do comment if needed to be included in list.




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