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Covid-19 Certificate Verification Speeding Up Passengers Onboarding

Covid-19 Certificate Verification has made it faster for onboarding passengers during air travel.  Coronavirus has transformed the way the world worked before. Schools have shifted towards online education, businesses have moved towards e-commerce, and office-based work is replaced with work from home. The point of the discussion is, the world has changed and the attitude of the people has evolved with it.

Now we don’t like standing in those tardy long lines, doing the same tasks in repetition, and walking towards our offices every day in the morning. The post-covid era will be new to the eyes of history, as it will be robust, computerized, and convenient. Having an automated Covid-19 certificate verification system that can verify the covid-19 certificate verification online in a matter of seconds, will contribute greatly to the flow of this advanced world.

Coronavirus Certificate Verification – Why Is It Necessary?

Countries have announced vaccination compulsory for the citizens. In most places, people aren’t even allowed to enter shopping malls, traveling stations, educational institutes, and offices without showing their coronavirus vaccination certificates. The step was taken to provide necessary SOP measures to prevent the outspread of the virus and reduce death rolls in the process.

The problem that most organizations face is having an automated system that can verify covid certificates digitally and speed up the customer onboarding process. 

The Problems In The Traditional Covid-19 Certificate Verification

Because the world demands a digital shift now, the traditional approaches towards Covid-19 certificate verification are outdated and need to be changed. Why?

  1. First, people have to stand in long lines to get their verification done. This is a time taking procedure and most customers don’t want to wait that long to verify their certificates. 
  2. Second, standing in line can also break the SOP regulations issued by the government. Since the main preventive measure taken against the coronavirus outbreak is social distancing, waiting in large crowded lines can breach that rule
  3. Third, passengers at airports have to undergo international vaccination certificate verification for traveling. If there isn’t a fast service for verifying vaccination certificates, then they may have to wait a long time to get their verification done, which is a nightmare for business companies.

To overcome the above problems, an immediate solution is required that can facilitate the people with a digital covid-19 certificate verification system.

Passenger Needs To Verify Covid Certificate For Travel 

Many countries have banned the entry of people who aren’t vaccinated. The coronavirus vaccination is a necessity for traveling now, and no country is going to accept a passport without the attachment of authentic covid-19 certificate verification documents.

And considering how regular document forgery is nowadays, we need an extra vigilant control responsible for providing accurate validation checks. Not only the vaccination certificate forgery should be detected but the covid certificate for travel verification should be done with more precision and in less time. Enabling this, we can provide travel convenience to passengers and reduce the trouble they face when getting their vaccination verification.

Verify Covid Test Certificate For Travel With AI

It is not a hidden mystery that AI has proved its benefits in almost every field of life. The installation of AI in Covid-19 certificate verification can be a cherry on the cake. The AI-driven system embedded with OCR technology can extract the Covid vaccination information from the vaccination documents and verify it against the authentic government-issued identity document. It can validate the legitimacy of the Covid vaccination certificate with the vaccination status entered with that identity information. The main benefits of having an AI-automated vaccination verification is:

  1. It can be a quick and practical approach in reducing the time taken by passengers to get their vaccination certificates verified
  2. It can reduce the forgery attempts done by the fraudsters and provide authentic covid certificate verification
  3. Some countries have introduced ‘immunity passports’ and announced it is compulsory to verify covid vaccine passports. Having a legitimate digital covid-19 certificate verification is a must now.

The Closing Statement

An unvaccinated person is not only a danger to himself but also to society. He doesn’t only harm the unvaccinated people but also the vaccinated people around him. Fake covid certificates can be very dangerous because people in possession of those forged verification documents are unvaccinated. This is the reason why we need to properly examine and detect the forgery attempts in the covid vaccination certificates.

People committing those forgery attempts should be immediately detected and punished. Moreover, having a Covid-19 certificate verification system at airports that can verify vaccination certificates can increase passenger onboarding and enhance their experience in the process.



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