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Extract And Cleanse Your Face With PRP Facial

People going for facial treatment is nothing new, but they have practiced this for decades. However, recently, there’s been an increased interest as more advanced technologies continue to develop.

For instance, you can get PRP facials for a rejuvenation-an anti-aging treatment that helps to defy the aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. And a process that uses the non-invasive procedure to deliver the desired outcome successfully.

Whenever you hear people saying they are going for a facial, it involves various skincare processes and not a single treatment. It may include chemical peels, exfoliation, facial massage, and much more. And the essence of this is to improve your appearance by strengthening your facial skin’s quality, beauty, and health without invasive techniques.

Extract And Cleanse Your Face With PRP Facial
Extract And Cleanse Your Face With PRP Facial

What is PRP Facial Therapy?

Several people refer to PRP facial as a vampire facial, so it’s the same thing. But what is it? Well, it’s an advanced skincare treatment that utilizes your body’s natural ingredients to heal itself. So why is it often called a vampire facial? Because it involves drawing your blood, just like vampires do.

Remember, your blood has four primary components: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. All these have to get separated by spinning through a centrifuge to achieve the concentrated platelets in plasma.

It’s this platelet-rich plasma that works magic in your facial treatment and other clinical healing. So, for the context of tackling anti-aging, this is either injected into the targeted skin region at specific depths.

Two, the esthetician spreads the “blood” on your face to administer treatment according to your aesthetic needs. Ultimately, the PRP gradually gets absorbed by your skin while speeding the collagen production process. As a result, PRP facials are one of the quickest recovery processes, unlike other types of facials such as Microneedling.

Why Should You Consider PRP Facials?  

In these modern days, why go through an invasive facial procedure when technology has evolved with non-surgical treatment like PRP facial therapy? And what more;

Increased Collagen Production

Aging is inevitable, and nobody likes it. But you know why it’s evident that you’re aging? It’s the drastic decline of your body’s collagen production, which continues to decrease significantly for the rest of your life.

As the quality of collagen production reduces, your face results in wrinkles and unhealthy skin. And that’s when you opt for facial treatments like PRP to replenish the lost collagen by stimulating its production rate.

One of the best options is to go for PRP facials for those dismayed by these wrinkles, fine lines, severe folds, or other skin issues.

And this treatment has a great chance of enhancing the quality of your skin appearance through increased collagen production. It gets stimulated during the occurrence of skin cell trauma.

Your esthetician uses tiny needles to administer the treatment through the upper layers of your skin. After this penetration, the collagen starts to heal the skin by growing a higher quality of collagen. But it takes several weeks to grow, and eventually, you’ll notice tighter skin as your treatment continues to improve in time.

Eradicate those Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Does this sound like something you want to achieve? Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see wrinkles or fine lines on my face, and I would be damn excited to go for a treatment that works to solve this issue.

I also know that most people, especially women, would find this a great deal since it’s a non-invasive treatment, and they’re more conscious about their looks than men. That’s how the concept of PRP facials performs.

One of the effects of aging is skin thinning in areas like lips and cheeks, which becomes pretty gaunt and noticeable. But PRP therapy, which boosts collagen, helps to plump up the thin skin.

Most people embrace this treatment to fluff up their lips, while others use it to re-contour their cheeks. So, depending on your esthetic goals, you can ask your doctor how he can help you achieve your desired need. And what’s excellent about vampire facials, it’s not invasive, which means anyone can try it with no fear.

It’s safe and painless.

If there is a treatment considered safe for your facial therapy is PRP. You don’t have to worry much about an adverse reaction since there’s nothing foreign getting in your body but what you already have.

First, your caregiver cleanses your facial skin to ensure no dirt or pollutant before he begins the treatment. That also means removing any makeup or imperfection that may cause an adverse reaction to the PRP treatment.

After this sanitization, the esthetician may apply a local anesthetic to the target area. It helps to prevent any discomfort during the treatment. Remember, some areas like the mouth, under the eyes and hairline, can be delicate and extremely sensitive. Therefore, one may feel the treatment happening but not pain.

If you feel uncomfortable after the treatment, it is perfectly safe to take an aspirin to reduce the effect. And you can also use ice on the treated area to speed up the cellular rejuvenation process.

In Conclusion, if you’re venturing on the best facial treatment that can solve your skin issues such as wrinkles and fine lines associated with aging, PRP facials are for you. It’s not only safe for your facial therapy as it uses your blood. It leaves your face rejuvenated, fresh, plumped, and gorgeous.

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